Do Firms Need to Shake Up Their Accounting Marketing Efforts?

Most firms are failing to reach their full potential in terms of accounting marketing operations.

Peter Graham, managing director of AcctWeb, an online marketing solution provider, noted that a majority of accounting firms do not have a solid infrastructure in place to appropriately market their services to current and prospective clients.

Digital marketing is not confined to merely having a website and accounts on all four major social media networking sites; it is all about having the right people to do the job and the right strategy to execute it properly. “Having a website and having a marketing mechanism are two different things because a website isn’t all the infrastructure that’s needed to actually be used properly,” Graham said.

Let’s face it, accountants are more focused on revenue-generating activities like client facing; they don’t have much time and interest to fully understand marketing and business development. This poor understanding could lead to poor advice which could affect your service as a whole.

What’s alarming is that many firms are lacking enthusiasm for marketing that they have cut or frozen their budgets but haven’t switched to more cost effective ways since. Marketing consultant Robert Craven, Marketing consultant Robert Craven recalled, “One accountant said, ‘I can tell you that marketing doesn’t work for us so we try not to do any’.”

So, does accounting firms need a marketing strategy at all? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Every company, even B2B businesses like accounting firms, needs a marketing team According to AccountingWEB, “Marketing strategy is one of the critical factors separating high-growth accounting firms from low-growth firms.”

However, it does not always mean doing it on your own; remember, you can always delegate something that is outside of your core competency. Outsourcing your marketing operations saves you time and resources. Outsourcing service providers can take care of your marketing function as they have the right knowledge and proper tools. “…by outsourcing you get the job done and you really see what can happen,” Mr Graham said.

It’s time for accountants to rethink their marketing strategy by outsourcing it to a trusted and reliable service provider who understand their business needs. At the same time, they can now focus their time and resources on truly adding value to their clients.

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