Deloitte Hailed Partner of the Year at SuccessFactors HR Excellence Award 2015

Big Four firm Deloitte recently bagged the award in the Partner of the Year category of HR Excellence Award 2015, presented by American multinational SuccessFactors during its annual HR conference SuccessConnect 2015.

Deloitte continues to dominate the industry having the largest number of clients amongst FTSE 250 companies. Moreover, it is also deemed as the best place to start a career by Bloomberg Business.

Fear Not Automation

A research conducted by the firm reveals that technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed over the last 140 years. Deloitte claims that as technology continues to take on repetitive tasks in industries such as manufacturing, consumer spending power has increased, creating the demand for more service based jobs.

French Caldwell, vice president and fellow at Gartner Research, backed up Deloitte’s Conclusion that the so-called disruptive technology and automation are not to be blamed for unemployment and income inequality. “In my current research looking into how disruptive technology affects public policy, I have discovered that many other factors, such as delays in productivity gains from large information technology investments and a decline in business dynamism and entrepreneurship, have contributed as much or more to these trends,” he said.

Defending Tax Advice

Meanwhile, Deloitte denies advising their clients how to set up aggressive tax avoidance schemes in other places. Paul Riley and David Watkins, Deloitte’s Head of Tax and Leader of Tax Insights Policy respectively, were questioned when a 2013 document suggested they were advising mining companies to invest in Africa by setting up tax structures in Mauritius.

Riley was certain that they had not been involved in such ordeal, but was unable to confidently say that overseas offices had not done as such. This was trailed by the denial of another Big Four firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), subsequent to being audited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) over claims  that it set up aggressive tax avoidance schemes in Luxembourg.

Over the previous years, Deloitte has evolved from being an auditing firm into professional services firm. Today, it remains the largest professional services network in the world and continues to thrive in the industry.

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