Client Spotlight Series: Success Stories To Inspire You This 2018

The Outsourced Accountant is committed to excellence when it comes to providing services to clients and nothing’s more fulfilling than seeing our effort translate to improvements to our partners’ growth.

We’ve compiled highlights from our Client Spotlight series to share the incredible success stories of our valued clients.

Jamie Johns of Sky Accountants

How Offshoring Pushes Sky Accountants To Rapid Growth


Sky Accountants was one of the first firms to give outsourcing a try. Pleased with the result, the firm fully embraced outsourcing and was soon able to build a business that can run on its own.

Business Goal

Sky Accountants want to help business owners build a business that can run without them. Through the most efficient processes and proactive business partnerships, Sky Accountants was able to deliver on this promise.

Offshoring In The Philippines

Jamie’s main reason to outsource was to be scalable and get leverage. Working with The Outsourced Accountant allowed him to utilise the right technology to improve the firm’s process. He started out with five full-time dedicated outsourcing staff in Clark and is now looking to add more team members.

Initial Doubts And Challenges

  • Communication
  • Quality of work
  • Speed
  • Turnaround time
  • Other fears common in running a business

Benefits Of Offshoring

  • Sky Accountants have a dynamic offshore team that’s enthusiastic, great to deal with and very positive
  • Equally skilled and efficient team
  • Higher level of support in Australia and the Philippines
  • Approachable and timely responses
  • Open to feedback and improvements
  • Structured processes and a more systematized business
  • Increased productivity

“Any successful business owner has to realise that the world is smaller and borders don’t necessarily matter anymore. It’s important to embrace the opportunities that you’ve got with other countries and come together and do your best.”

Jamie Johns

Richard Vaughn of Ashford Accountants

How Outsourcing Enables Ashfords To Grow Consistently With High-Performance


Ashfords Accountants started outsourcing because they wanted to find people with various skill sets and provide additional services to their clients. They found the Philippines as an ideal solution.

Business Goal

Richard initially tried outsourcing to the Philippines in hopes of hiring people with a varied skill set and discovering new ways to offer additional services to clients.

Offshoring In The Philippines

Ashfords currently has 13 offshore staff in Clark who they treat as part of the business and not just “another staff member.”

They previously tried offshoring in India but after experiencing some issues around culture, time zones and the quality of work, they decided to pull the plug and looked for a better option for their problem. They discovered that the Philippines is a better fit for their business.

Benefits Of Offshoring

  • Additional services to offer clients
  • Diligent team members who deliver high quality work and produce the best results
  • Solutions to capacity issues

“Our Philippine team is outstanding. Their language skills are a lot better. The time zone is a lot more friendly to work with within our business and their quality of work has been exceptional. They’re very well qualified and they love what they do.”

Richard Vaughn

Mark Said of MKS Group

Offshoring Will Help You Find The Right People For The Job


MKS Group wanted to find the right people to provide excellent services to their clients. By offshoring, through The Outsourced Accountant, the firm was able to scale the business, find the right talent and eliminate challenges.

Business Goals

Find talents that suit the tasks they need.

Offshoring In The Philippines

Having an offshore team for three years now, MKS Group currently has a highly engaged team who are extremely motivated to provide excellent services. They have 13 onshore and 11 offshore team members.

Initial Doubts And Challenges

  • Quality of work
  • Pace of the team
  • Level of commitment to the job

Benefits Of Offshoring

  • High quality of work from a highly engaged team
  • Improved communication rhythms
  • Right talents most suitable for the roles they need
  • Streamlined processes
  • Effective training for team members

“The quality of their work was just fantastic and you get out of them what you put into them. If you offer training to the team and you help develop their skills, they’ll use those skills to help improve your business.”

Mark Said

To quote Mark Said, “there is a very thin line between success and failure. If you want to be successful, you must walk that very thin line.”

This speak volumes about the payoff of offshoring.

You’ve got a big decision to make if you want to scale your firm. The good news is offshoring is a proven strategy to grow your business.

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