Breaking Culture Barriers: 5 Benefits of Getting Involved With Your Global Team

Stronger, more personal connection that leads to a more engaged staff 

It’s not often that a client attends an employee’s wedding so imagine the amount of effort, resources—and love—one must have for his or her staff to fly across thousands of kilometres to share this very special day. 

For Careful Book’s Judith and Les Searle, you can be certain that there’s a lot of love for their global offshore team staff, Roselle, to take part in this momentous event. 

“I didn’t really expect that they would come, which is why I am very grateful that they found the time to come to the wedding,” says newly-wed Roselle Picar. 

It’s a story you don’t hear that much especially where long-distance working relationships are concerned. But when you do, it elicits a very strong sense of affinity; a warm, fuzzy feeling that will make you want to be a lot closer to the people you work with. 

Entrust your business to a professional, dependable staff 

It would have been a totally different story for partners Judith and Les if Judith didn’t heed the advice of her bookkeeping network and checked out TOA Global and built a global offshore team. 

Their firm, which specialises in providing tailored financial services to small- to medium-sized businesses, were having problems hiring topnotch staff because most young professionals were moving out of their small town and were exploring bigger opportunities in larger cities.  

Now, they have a 3-person staff here in the Philippines who they can count on to keep the business running even when they are away from the office. 

Run your firm even when you are not there 

The reason why the couple is confident that business will run as usual even when they are not around is they have a reliable team which they are closely involved with. 

Les notes that getting involved is key to managing the team. It was significant to their firm’s growth.  

It’s no secret that having a personal connection with your staff is beneficial in terms of increasing engagement and improving motivation. By putting a face to the name and being personally involved with day-to-day activities, the Searles were able to properly train and supervise their team to become real assets to their business. 

Create enough capacity to take on more clients 

Thanks to their offshore team, Careful Books was able to create enough capacity to take on extra 20 clients even when their onshore staff was out to attend to personal matters simply because they know they have reliable people over here to do the job. 

“Our aim is for our team to grow and to be able to carry the business for us.”  

Judith and Les Searle

Everything comes full circle 

The efforts Judith and Les put into taking care of their staff has definitely paid off not only in terms of productivity and efficiencies. Now, their offshore staff looks after them really well. So well, in fact, that they have more time for themselves.  

If you would like to know how your firm can scale or free up capacity within a short time, you can book a free 1-on-1 consultation with us. Our global team specialists are always ready to discuss solutions and services that can address your business needs.