Client Spotlight: Offshoring Is The Best Strategic Move For Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions

Businesses are bound to come across roadblocks and discover gaps in their services. To continue providing excellent services to clients, they need to learn how to fill these gaps and find employees who are highly dependable.

Meet Craig Jamieson, Director, Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions

After discovering a gap in their client services, Craig Jamieson, director of Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions, realized they needed to bring someone on board; someone dependable and trustworthy. And that’s exactly what they got with our help.

Established 5 years ago, Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions is an accounting firm that does a combination of compliance work and business advisory, which comprises almost 40% of what they do. Made of eight highly competent members, the company has teams in Clark and India as well as Australia.


“We found someone we can rely on to help our client services administrator. It’s been great and helped us deliver to our clients a better experience than what they had previously.”


Data security concerns and how we’ve provided the solution

Craig’s initial concerns centred around data security. But after working with The Outsourced Accountant (TOA), those fears evaporated as Jamiesons discovered just how much TOA cares about their client’s information security. We take extra measures to protect data in a tightly controlled environment.


“The security that’s in place is very good and it ensures that client confidentiality is maintained.”


When asked about his level of satisfaction with regards to the services they’re getting, Craig expressed delight. He is very happy with the offshore team engagement especially because the people he works with are highly proactive; they constantly provide helpful information and are always ready to offer suggestions on how to improve the way they do business.

Smooth-sailing transition for the business

Craig also enjoyed the smooth-sailing onboarding process. TOA’s awesome support team made the transition a fun and hassle-free experience for Craig and his team. They came to Clark with specific things they want to do: they wanted to (1) run it with consultation because there was a great support team here and (2) be involved in the recruitment process as well.

They were able to merge the two requirements and it has worked well. Also, with help from the outstanding talent recruitment process, they were able to find the most suitable candidate to help them bridge the gap in their client services.


“We were able to bring on board the right person for the role that we had chosen and to bring them up to speed quite quickly. We had all the support that we needed. It was great.”



Since working with us, Craig expressed satisfaction with the way our team has shown willingness in providing a better experience to them and how our support team is always ready to give assistance.


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