Are You A Workaholic? Watch Out For These Problems

Crunching numbers may be daunting at times but it can be fulfilling since you’re helping businesses grow. Accounting plays a vital role in running any business. Without it, companies would have no way of evaluating their financial performance.

Accountants help company owners and stakeholders make better business decisions, which is why it is of extreme importance to do this right. It is equally important to know, however, that balancing sheets and tallying data shouldn’t be the only things accountants need to worry about. You must also think about your health because it can be easy to become sedentary while working and, if you’re not careful, make yourself susceptible to certain health risks, like the following:


accounting work experience - health risks for workaholicsWorkaholic accountants can be prone to health problems from back pains to mental fatigue

Back pain

Sitting for hours can lead to back problems. You should find ways to minimise the time you spend sitting down. Consider using ergonomic chairs or investing in a standing desk. One very simple way to save yourself from lumbar pains is to make it a point to stand up every once in a while.

Packing on extra pounds

When you’re hunched over your desk every day and are not engaged in physical activity, expect to gain some weight. A sedentary lifestyle will make it easier for you to add more weight. Inactivity plus unhealthy food choices – because most busy people would simply grab on to the first thing they see and, sadly, it’s always junk foods.

You can stay healthy by being more selective and mindful about your eating habits. Stay away from the unhealthy stuff. Exert a little more effort in preparing your meals. If you can, find a buddy at work so you can be accountable for your eating habits.


Accounting work can consume a lot of time, not to mention the attention to detail it requires. Things can get really stressful during tax season and the end of fiscal year. Although you can’t help getting a heavy workload during these times, you can adjust the way you handle stress. Meditate or get enough sleep to re-energise. Look up helpful ways on how to better deal with stress and try to have a positive mindset towards your work.

Mental illness

The demands of the job can become too much for some and, without the right guidance and support, these professionals can succumb to some form of mental illness. Stressful deadlines and poor work/life balance can contribute to anxiety and depression.

In the United States, at least one in five adults struggle with mental illness every year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. On the other hand,findings by the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) mental health concerns affect many accountants. Stress, depression, bereavement, relationship issues and addiction were reported to have topped the enquiries made by these professionals.

To circumvent these, one can start a new hobby. Pursuing new endeavors can re-focus the mind and help you feel excited about something new. You can also always talk to a peer or seek HR for some recommendations on what to do.

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