5 Ways Twitter Can Help Accounting Firms

There’s no denying that social media is an effective marketing tool for every kind of business. Social networking sites help firms engage with their clients who are active online. Today, we will focus on a particular social media platform – Twitter. Twitter lets you post messages up to 140 characters long (tweets) and lets your followers see them on their homepage. As of May 2015, it has more than 500 million users, with 302 million active ones.

But how does a microblogging site like Twitter be useful for business-to-business companies (B2Bs) like accounting firms? Here are some ways:

  • Connect with Industry Leaders

Like other social networking sites, Twitter lets you connect with people and follow influencers of the accounting industry in order to be updated. It lets you grow your online social circle and find people with common interests as yours.  You can search for people and companies, then create a list in order to segment your audience. You can even find topics where you can see conversations you might want to engage in. (TIP: Use hashtags <#> with your keywords to increase visibility of tweets when searched.)

  • Get Real-Time Information

Twitter is a great platform for posting blow-by-blow updates (live tweets) of your events like a webinar or a conference. You can publish quotes from speakers, conduct polls in coming up with a research, or post reminders for your fellow accountants like tax filing deadlines. Think real-time.

(TIP: According to Twitter Help Center, the current technical limit for tweets is 2,400 per day. Unless you are live-tweeting, you wouldn’t want to bombard your followers’ homepage with your tweets. To increase your engagement, social media marketing pros recommend tweeting a minimum of 4-6 times a day.)

  • Promote Your Accounting Firm

Social networking sites help in shaping your brand. What’s a better way to do this than posting your company culture and values for the world to see? Twitter aids in generating exposure to your business. It can be leveraged in building relationships to keep away from the dreaded cold-calling.

You can also use Twitter to promote your new offers or gather information in creating buyer personas so that you are attuned to what they want and need. (TIP: Whenever clients reach out to you on Twitter, make sure to respond promptly and make your message personal. Don’t use an auto-responder. They want to talk to a human, not a robot.)

  • Share Blogs and Web Content

Twitter helps directing traffic to your blog or website. Distribute your content by tweeting an inbound link and adding an image so that you can entice your followers to visit your website or landing page. We recommend going under 140 characters to make it easier for people to share your tweet (retweet) and add their own commentary. (TIP: Use a URL shortening service like Bitly to keep your characters to a minimum.)

  • Increase Your Influence

Sharing your insights on Twitter establishes your thought leadership, making you a credible source of information by your followers. Tweet industry-related articles and let them know what you think. Share relevant content that your audience will find useful and answer common customer questions. When you build trust with your followers, you will become their go-to expert in the accounting industry. (TIP: It is important to monitor & evaluate your social media metrics. Know the best time and day to tweet, and the topics that your audience read. Use tools like Tweriod to know when your followers are most active.)

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