5 SMSF Blogs Accountants Should Be Following

For people who want full control, self-managed super fund (SMSF) may be the best way to save for retirement. It is perfectly suitable for those who want to be in charge of their own investment, and have considerable time and skills when it comes to finance.

If you want advice on setting up and running your own private super fund, here are some SMSF blogs that can help you stay compliant and updated:

Superannuation Warehouse

Superannuation Warehouse specializes in SMSF services. Managing director Hein Preller is a chartered accountant and a registered tax agent with twenty years’ professional experience in accounting, taxation, investment management and the superannuation industry. He is also PS146 compliant, which means he’s qualified to give general advice on Superannuation.

This blog tells you straightforwardly how you can manage it all by yourself, even without using their services. It gives insights on how to set up new funds and carry out all the accounting, tax and auditing services, and fund wind ups, if required.

DIY Super Audit

This chartered accounting firm provides independent SMSF Audit services to small and medium-sized accounting firms, financial advisors and self-directed trustees.  They focus on this particular niche to deliver the best solution and value for their clients. Being an accounting firm, you will get only the most knowledgeable advice from Australian-qualified and Australian-based accountants with significant SMSF expertise.

The SMSF Review

Aside from blogs, The SMSF Review is an online resource center for SMSF trustees that provides free monthly newsletter, audio podcasts, comparison tables, and online presentations, plus online calculators and projection tools. Membership is FREE, and they send regular technical audio & blog updates.

Sole Purpose Test – SMSF & Superannuation Blog

Sole Purpose Test is a minimalist blog that aims to provide news, information, and opinion relevant for accountants, auditors and financial planners interested in the SMSF and Superannuation sector. It delivers updates on changes to rules and regulations by ATO, in-depth articles on supers, and commentaries including submissions to government and other consultation processes.

The Dunn Thing

What makes this blog stand out is its brand, which is also the writer’s name. Aaron Dunn, an industry-renowned CPA and SMSF specialist advisor, is one of Australia’s leading authority when it comes to SMSFs. He is the co-founder of The SMSF Academy, a business that helps professionals grow their SMSF business, and SMSF101, the first truly online SMSF education solution for professionals within Australia.

Aside from insightful articles and strategic pieces of advice in his blog, he finds time to make light-hearted posts like this one, create a series of podcasts, and engage in seminars and debates.

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