5 Game Changers in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is always transforming and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest. As KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel said, it is “an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry.” But instead of the usual trends, let’s talk about the game changers or the factors that have become significant to how digital marketing is being done nowadays.

Less Text, More Multimedia

Everyone’s always too busy right now, or at least that’s what they think. But the point is, the attention span of an average person is becoming shorter. According to HubSpot, 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. So when they see large chunks of text, some don’t bother to read everything anymore. Most people respond better to visuals since our brain process them faster than text. Think, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” So try to insert images and videos to make your web pages more alive.

Bite-Sized Content

Content is STILL, and will ALWAYS be king. When we said “less text,” we also meant powerful taglines. Use keywords wisely and make the most out of one-liners. Create snackable content which can be quickly consumed by the audience. Remember, your company website can make or break you. So if a visitor has only 15 seconds to visit your website, what would you want him to see? Drive him straight to the point.

Responsive Website

It is important for your web page to look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Now that most users are on their smartphones, you should make sure that your website is optimized for mobiles. Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen. Make sure your website follows responsive web design and advertisement or else, you could lose potential sales.

Newsjacking is the New Savvy

Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalising on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. You do it WHILE the news is breaking so that as the excitement of the audience grow and journalists scramble for additional information, your content will be one of the things they will consider as Google makes an algorithm update. Remember, newsjacking is done while people are just starting to talking about it, not when it is at its peak because after that, it will eventually die down.

Power of Connectivity

Again, growing your social media presence is crucial in digital marketing. But engagement is also important. Try to focus more on conversation and less promotion – you are not a sales robot. So start building a relationship with your audience as you attract them and conversion will take place naturally. If you have built a good rapport with your audience, it will be easier for them to promote your services and become evangelists of your service.

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