5 Companies with the Best Corporate Culture

A great corporate culture attracts job seekers who are looking for a workplace that fits their values and beliefs and at the same time, maintains employees who are promoting their company through their commitment. The key to a company’s success is creating a culture that makes people feel that they are contributing to the greater good of the organisation.

Here are some companies with the best corporate culture:

Google: An Adult Playground

Google values their people because they believe they are what make Google the kind of company it is. Therefore, they make sure that their offices are like an adult playground where employees do work and pursue other interests as well. For one, they have a giant Android phone in their lobby where employees can take a break to play Angry Birds. Google offices and cafes are designed to encourage interactions between Googlers within and across teams, and to spark conversation about work as well as play. Talk about work-life balance!

Facebook: Leading by Example

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was named “CEO of the Year” at the 6th Annual Crunchies held last 2013. A Facebook software engineer from Menlo Park described Zuckerberg, who is currently the 16th richest person in the world, as “down to earth, available CEO.” According to a former employee of Facebook who was among the first 10 employees of the social networking site, they hosted weekly “All Hands Meetings” in which Zuckerberg and the management team host an open and honest Q&A forum for employees. “He has always led by example with his commitment to the company,” he said.

LinkedIn: Employees Above All Else

LinkedIn describes their culture as “the collective personality of our organisation.” The company believes that without their members, there will be no LinkedIn. “Everything we do is ultimately driven by our desire to create value for our members. We encourage employees to know and understand our members to ensure the long-term health of the LinkedIn ecosystem.”

Salesforce.com: Centre of Excellence


Salesforce.com keeps its employees challenged by surrounding them with people that inspire, motivate, and innovate. It offers great career opportunities for talented people who want to excel in a fast paced atmosphere. “If you like working hard in a place where hard work is rewarded, contributing to projects where contributions count, and growing in a company where growth knows no boundaries, salesforce.com is perfect place to do the best work of your career.”

Twitter:  A Team-Oriented Environment

Twitter was hailed number one for best company culture and values in the 2014 ranking by Glassdoor. For one, employees love the 10 core values that drive the company. Glassdoor community expert Scott Dobroski told Fortune magazine that, overall, three common themes emerged from all of the employee comments. “We saw employees talking about a supportive and motivational team-oriented environment,” he says. “We saw employees talking about working for companies that had a great mission statement and generally did the right thing and acted with integrity.”

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