5 Common Misconceptions about the Cloud

We are living in a fast evolving world and businesses are now moving to the cloud. Cloud-based services have dominated our everyday lives and in the age of internet evolution, the pressure is on for late adopters.

Thinking about moving your business to a cloud-based infrastructure but not sure of what cloud technology can do? Here are five misconceptions about the cloud that we are going to deflate:

  • Cloud is just a fad

By definition, a fad is a craze that is short-lived. Judging from what is happening right now, the cloud is only getting bigger every year. Almost everyone is using it – e-mail, banking, music, shopping – and it’s hard to take for granted. The cloud is more than a fad, it’s an innovation. It lets companies focus on what’s important in their business.

  • Cloud is risky

The cloud could be a dangerous place only if necessary security measures are not executed. Some cloud storage providers may only provide basic security, but it is often more safe than storing it locally. In short, the cloud is actually a reliable storage. Storing it online adds an extra layer of data protection as backups are made so you can recover it easily in the event of data loss.

  • Cloud is expensive

The cloud may cost you a bit of fortune at first, but you will look at it as an investment in the long run. Utilizing cloud services will in fact help you save money as it free up other resources. It helps you conserve the cost of equipment for backing up and the time you spend for the method. Saving time means making you more productive.

  • Cloud means less control

On the contrary, the cloud gives you more control and flexibility because you can access it anywhere, anytime. Staff can work remotely as long as there is internet connection because cloud storage services are ideal for collaboration purposes. Moreover, you can track changes easily and know who was made which changes.

  • Cloud means complicated

The cloud actually aims to make things simple. Compared to traditional solutions, the cloud makes life more convenient for both customers and businesses, even for an IT personnel. Since the management and maintenance is already outsourced to the cloud provider, they can now focus more on their other strategic responsibilities.

Now that these common misconceptions have been debunked and put to rest, it’s time for you to decide to invest and move to the cloud. Discover how cloud technology can assist your accounting firm to have a more mobile workforce.

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