5 Advantages of Social Media for Accounting Firms

The growth of social media’s influence and popularity is inevitable. Almost everyone keeps an active online presence because they want to be feed with fresh information and real-time updates. Usually, individuals and B2C (business-to-consumer) companies are the ones who benefit from social networking, but can B2B (business-to-business) reap these values in a similar manner?

Building an effective social media engagement is also crucial to B2B companies, like accounting firms. The only difference is their marketing tactics, but they follow pretty much the same process and have the same objectives as B2C companies.

Inovautus Consulting, in cooperation with SocialCPAs and the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), recently conducted a study on How Accounting Firms Use Social Media Today where it was revealed that there are still large percentages of organisations that do not have social media policies or that have not provided training on social media.

If you own or work for an accounting firm and your company are among those who are still sceptical of the need to establish an active social media presence, worry not because it is never too late to start implementing a social media strategy. First, here are five things that social media can help build for your company:

  • Influence

Social networking can be used in forming thought leadership. As a competitive player, your goal is to become the top of mind, go-to expert in your industry. You want people to recognise your business as an authority whom they can trust. Your knowledge and point of view always matter when it comes to relevant topics being discussed.

  • Community

The social media is an excellent platform for building your own community through interaction with your employees, clients, and other industry leaders like you. You expand your network through making connections. Most customers and clients have an active online presence so it is easier to know more about them and even reach out to them.

  • Traffic

Being involved in various social networking sites helps you increase visibility and drive traffic to your website and your company blog. By sharing your best content, and posting important news and announcements, you can redirect visitors to your website. The key here is having a good social media marketing strategy in order to attract visitors, convert them to leads, and close them into customers.

  • Brand

The social media world can also help you establish your presence and make them aware of your products and services. It opens an opportunity for you to gain exposure and develop your brand. Your social media content and the people you follow will reveal a lot about your brand. Just make sure your posts are engaging and informative so visitors, and possibly customers, will become your promoters.

  • Talent Pool

The online world is a great source of talent and referrals. A lot of organisations now turn to social networking sites to post job vacancies and recruit skilled people, and accounting firms can also do the same. LinkedIn, for example, is a professional social networking site where you can find talented individuals that match the culture and competence of your firm.

Investing in social media marketing is important to B2Bs as it is to B2Cs. Using the right tools and having the right strategy, your accounting firm will realise the power of social media.

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