2016’s Online Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Know

In the past few years, we saw how fast the digital world is evolving. New gadget, new software and even social media got its fair share of fame that the marketing industry can take advantage of. Too much information and options are out there, but one thing is for sure, marketers should focus on adapting to this fast-changing preferences and catch the interest of the consumers. But how can they do that?

Here is a list of trends for the Online Marketing Industry:

  • Mobile Over Desktops: It is no secret that mobile ruled 2015. Not only did Google announced that its traffic finally beat desktop traffic in 10 different countries, they also launched a system update to phase out sites not optimised for mobile. But on the contrary, Smart Insights data states that the PC usage isn’t really diminishing, it’s just that the time spent on smartphones and other mobile devices is surprisingly increasing. This means that you have to focus on making your mobile site effective and appealing, but not totally abandoning your desktop updates.
  • Video Ads: Many marketers have already got their way through video ads, with social networking sites and channels like YouTube and now, Facebook that offers advertisers video options. Also, Google did a trial putting up video ads on their search results. With this kind of innovation, it just proves that people are now engaged or even curious about the video ads popping up on their screens. And YouTube is now owned by Google, so imagine the reach of your ad with just one vid.
  • Marketing Through Social Media: According to Pew Research Center, 65% of adults now use social networking sites – a nearly tenfold jump in the past decade. And with this kind of audience, it is just evident that social media sites are one of the greatest platforms you can use to gain clients. But on the other hand, Socially Aware also clearly states that although many companies are increasing their social media marketing spend, they still can’t figure out on how to engage their consumers through this medium. Don’t waste this kind of opportunity. Learn this 5 Game Changers in Digital Marketing that will make you lead the game.
  • Influencer Marketing: Maybe you’ve heard of people called as online influencers. Well, they really do exist. And they are the new trend. Like what I have said earlier, people are spending more time on their smartphones. But even though a lot of information is everywhere on the internet nowadays, they still choose what interests them, and that’s where influencer marketing follows. According to studies, getting online influencers like celebrities and authorities to promote your product might outdo SEO, PPC ads, and content marketing in the future. Think of it this way, if your boss tells you how effective this new product is, chances are, you might want to try it yourself. Because a credible person told you so. That is how big the impact of an influencer is.

This is just some few medium you can use to be ahead of the marketing game this 2016. But don’t limit yourself and start experimenting on some strategies that you think are way effective to win some clients.

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