Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | 9:00 AM AEST

Cultivating A Culture of Learning to
Develop Accountants of The Future

About the Webinar 

Your people are your firm’s most valuable assets. Like support columns in a building, your team members are your firm’s critical load points. With a strong team to support you and your business, delivering the results you and your clients want are within reach. 

But, to grow your business in a rapidly changing industry landscape, your team needs to enhance their core competencies and even develop new skills to match the status quo. 

Join Nick Sinclair in a 1-hour online session as he takes your through TOA Academy, our training and development program, that will help your team grow so your business will grow.

Why you should attend

Learn the real value of training and development for your team, your business, and yourself

Find opportunities for your team members to grow and fulfill their roles

Deliver a higher level of service excellence by having a well-trained team 

Meet and even exceed professional industry standards

Key takeaways  

How to analyze your team’s core competencies   

The skillsets your team needs to deliver quality results faster

How to maximize training and development courses

Different TOA Academy courses available for your team members

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Cultivating A Culture of Learning to Develop Accountants of The Future
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Webinar Speaker

Nick Sinclair
Chairman | The Outsourced Accountant

An expert people strategist and industry thought leader, Nick has grown his company to house over 1,000 specialist accountants and support staff in just 5 years — all of whom deliver high productivity numbers and quality results to all his clients. Now, The Outsourced Accountant is a double-digit growth business with a rapidly expanding client base in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and UK.