Outsourcing Jobs | How To Grow Capacity And Attract A-Players Locally | The Outsourced Accountant

Thursday, February 21, 2019 | 12:00 PM AEST

How To Grow Capacity And Attract A-Players Locally

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The Outsourced Accountant

About the Webinar 

This webinar will be a 1-hour snapshot of why firms need to build an offshore team, how to build one, and will include an interview with Ed Chan, a leading authority in property and business tax. He will discuss his capacity planning philosophy and why this is such a critical strategy now to accounting firms.

Why you should attend

Learn insights on:

Why your firm should start outsourcing jobs and how to get there fast!  

Identifying the essential tasks you can outsource immediately

Why capacity planning should be in your 2019 strategy

Next steps in getting a global team up and running  

How to build thriving local and global teams

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Webinar Speakers

Nick Sinclair

Chairman | The Outsourced Accountant

An expert people strategist and industry thought leader, Nick has grown his company to house over 1,000 specialist accountants and support staff in just 5 years — all of whom deliver high productivity numbers and quality results to all his clients. Now, The Outsourced Accountant is a double-digit growth business with a rapidly expanding client base in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and UK.

Ed Chan

Co-founder and Non-Executive Chairman | Chan & Naylor Accountants Founder | Wize Mentoring

Specialises in helping accounting firms run better and more profitable practices by offering them strategic operational direction, Ed’s wisdom is based on his experience gained from having grown Chan & Naylor from a small home office and into a National Financial Services Organisation with offices in most major Capital cities around Australia that services more than 10,000 clients.