Client Spotlight: Offshoring Will Help You Find The Right People For The Job

Mark Said offshoring

In this edition of our Client Spotlight, MKS Group Founder and CEO Mark Said talks about his company’s offshoring journey and how they were able to eliminate challenges and establish strong communication rhythms that helped scale the business.

Mark’s experience in offshoring with The Outsourced Accountant is proof that a streamlined process and the right training can successfully scale a business. Having been with TOA for three years now, MKS Group currently enjoys a highly skilled offshore team that’s fully engaged and highly motivated to provide the kind of service their clients deserve.

Based in Melbourne, MKS Group is an accounting business that currently has 13 onshore and 11 offshore team members. They’ve come a long way from having only two members three years ago.

Smooth onboarding process

Thanks to a smooth onboarding process, MKS Group was able to locate talents most suitable for their needs. In the past, the company were provided with three to four prospective employees which they interviewed either via web conferencing tools, like Skype, or face to face. Mark has always been satisfied with the high quality of candidates they were given.

He also made it a point to get the local team involved by allowing them to come up with questions for the candidates. The onshore team is also currently doing training courses.

As expected in most cases, companies looking to outsource will have hesitations and concerns. Mark admitted to having a few concerns initially. These were mostly about the pace of the team and the quality of service of the new employees. But all worries were eliminated as soon as the new team members started producing excellent work. Mark was pleased with the offshore team’s performance.


“The quality of their work was just fantastic and you get out of them what you put into them. If you offer training to the team and you help develop their skills they’ll use those skills.”

Training to address challenges and enhance skills

Proper training has enabled the entire team to meet and surpass what’s expected of them. Mark recognises the fact that he is working with a group of people that is hungry to learn and willing to work towards enhancing their skills.

“They wanted to grow, they wanted to perform and do what we had to teach them.”

It has been, in the words of Mark, “absolutely magnificent.”

Proper training has also helped the company address communication challenges. Communicating with the entire team is no longer an issue.

On working with TOA

Mark only has strong positive words to describe the offshoring experience with TOA. With our help his company was able to find the right people to do the right work. They were able to grow from 2 to 11 people.

If you have capacity restraints, are looking to scale your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, contact our local industry experts specialists for a consultation today at 1300 896 522..

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