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Client’s Day: A Day of Sharing, Learning and Fellowship

One of our key focuses at The Outsourced Accountant is connecting, caring and contributing to our communities. This includes our Philippine and Australian teams, our clients, and those extending beyond our firm such as peers in the industry and the immediate local Philippine groups. Committing to foster a strong, happy and positive relationship across these units is at the heart of our business.

In November 2016, ‘Client’s Day’ was held. This day is meant for getting our communities involved in a day of learning and giving. It also brings an opportunity to connect our clients with their team members and the Filipino community. These are particularly special moments for everybody because not only do they help to grow their bond, but it also shows a real view into the local culture. We consider it a privilege to strengthen and support the wellbeing of the communities where we live and work.

On this day, The Outsourced Accountant and our clients spent a day at a charity event and a peer-to-peer discussion, further strengthening our company culture and the ties amongst us. The event was participated by 11 clients. Everyone shared a common goal — to make the fellowship meaningful, treasured, and fun. And, that’s exactly what happened.

#TOAGivesBack: A Charity Event at Bahay Pag-ibig

In 2015, TOA had an opportunity to help and give back to the kids at Children’s Joy Foundation Inc. In 2016, we chose Bahay Pag-ibig — a home for about  60 elderly Filipinos who are, unfortunately, abandoned by their families.


Bahay Pag-ibig


Bahay Pag-ibig is located in San Fernando, Pampanga, about 30 minutes away from our TOA Clark office. At present, residents here are being taken care of by caregivers, volunteers, and staff. The home is built and organised by priests and is sustained by people’s donations.

As part of our annual community outreach program, and in the spirit of Christmas, TOA visited Bahay Pag-ibig to spend time (however brief), some entertainment, and a significant amount of supplies for their basic daily needs.

Beyond A Showcase Of Talent

Hosted by Head of Training Niño Velasco, everybody enjoyed the presentations from three of our team members singing “Star ng Pasko” to our elders.


TOA Team Members Singing

(from left) Michelle Reyes, Judith Guintu, Cavin Aguilar


Next is the singing contest where talented elders had a chance to showcase their love for singing. The ‘lolos’ (grandfathers) and ‘lolas’ (grandmothers) poured their heart out in belting out their favorite songs leaving everyone in amazement.


“The visit to the orphanage with the elderly, it was great. The one thing I found really interesting was you couldn’t get the microphone back off when they were singing, they didn’t want to hand it back.

Robert Koch of RWK Accountancy, TOA Client


Elders at Bahay Pag-ibig

Three of our elders joining the singing contest


If we have a singing contest, of course, we can’t miss having a dance contest for our ‘lolos’ and ‘lolas’ who love to dance. To make this activity more exciting, we partnered our lovely elders with some of our clients and TOA executives. Indeed, age is just a number because our participants changed the perception of aging by showing some great moves on the dance floor.


Dance Content at Bahay Pag-ibig

The dance contest during our Charity Event at Bahay Pag-ibig


The team had the chance to visit those who weren’t able to participate in the program. These are the group of the elderlies who are already bedridden. TOA team members and clients went to their dormitories and handed them their gifts. No amount of words could express the happiness and contentment in their eyes with our simple gifts.


“There was a moving experience. It was not what I expected. To experience something like what we experienced today was actually quite moving and to know that some of the TOA team members actually go work there. They volunteer their time and actually work at this charity on a regular basis. It’s heart-wrenching and it really pulls the strings. It’s a good experience. Very grateful for today.

Mark Said of MKS Group, TOA Client


TOA at Bahay Pag-ibig

TOA’s 2016 charity event at Bahay Pag-ibig


See more photos of the Charity event on our Facebook page.

TOA’s Client Collaboration: A Peer-to-Peer Discussion

Facilitated by Nick Sinclair, the peer-to-peer session held on the second part of the day paved the way for an incredibly valuable sharing of insights from TOA and our clients. This provided an opportunity for clients to connect and workshop with each other on a wide range of topics — from general offshoring tips to the most burning issues faced by the industry these days.

Some of the  topics discussed were:

  • Single biggest challenge in your business right now
  • Common reactions of Australian teams to offshore teams, how are these handled?
  • Your clients’ awareness of your offshore operations
  • Biggest challenges on having offshore teams
  • How does business charge out offshore team members?
  • Training your team members as an investment
  • Incentives: What’s best for your offshore team?
  • Advice on those looking to start up in the Philippines
  • Price pressure on compliance: How to deal
  • Best practices to protect your business online
  • TOA update and feedback


TOA Peer-to-Peer Discussion

An afternoon peer-to-peer discussion amongst TOA executives and clients


“It’s brilliant to bring the other firms together — to learn and share ideas

I’d highly recommend any other firms who are offshoring to come to the day that they’ve put on because you’ll get many ideas on how to improve your business not just with offshoring but with all other aspects. If you can just learn one percent improvement in your business, it’ll be well worth coming.”  — Jamie Johns, Sky Accountants


“To be able to bounce ideas off each other has been really good

Just being able to talk to someone and say ‘Have you thought about doing it this way’ or ‘Have you tried this?’ is really good so that you can actually get ideas from someone who’s already done that rather than trying to reinvent the wheel all the time yourself. So it’s been a wonderful day.”  — Robert Koch, RWK Accountancy


“It gives us an opportunity to learn what they’re doing differently

Like what are some of the things that are helping their business out or some of the things we haven’t thought of yet that they’re already down the path in achieving. It’s has been a really valuable insight and we hope that we’ve been able to share some of our experiences with them that will ultimately help them in their business.” — Richard Vaughan, Ashfords Accountants


This day is just one of the ways we do for our community, to further improve each other’s lives and to bring forward to the industry a big step in revolutionising global accounting teams.


Watch the highlight video of the Client’s Day above!


This event is only one of the TOA’s cultural activities that bring us together. If you’d like to see more of our corporate events, please click here. For clients, we hold frequent activities aimed to foster collaboration amongst our community. We also connect you to industry experts as one of our ways to support your growth.

Get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about our client programmes.  

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