TOA Team Building 2017 Promotes Better Relationships

TOA Team Building 2017

The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) held a one-day team building activity which took place on two separate dates and locations. For the  Clark team, it was held at Hotel Stotsenberg, Clark Pampanga last 16 June; while the Manila team had theirs at Selah Garden Hotel, Pasay Manila last 23 June.

The day started with a CEO update from Nick Sinclair, followed by some people-focused updates from Chief of People, Kerri Brown, which made the whole TOA team very happy. Some cool changes are about to happen in terms of company policies, events… and fashion!


“TOA is focused on growing and building our team members. It’s about personal development and becoming a better version of themselves. So, it’s really a major focus for us. Every year, we run this event and this is something we’ll continue to do in the future.  

Nick Sinclair, CEO The Outsourced Accountant


Next is a very inspiring speech from an international motivational speaker, Mike Grogan, who believes in the genius of the Filipinos. He is the author of the bestselling book “The Rise of the Pinoy” where he shares 7 powerful lessons of success that he learned from 21 world-class Filipinos. His ideas and insights were very well received by the team members, shown by their enthusiastic applause, laughs and even singing!

Facebook post by Mike Grogan


The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) is composed of over 90% Millennials and Mike shares a short but inspiring message.


“Possibly, the greatest thing you can do are two things; (1) invest in yourself; (2) invest in others. There’s an opportunity to get better and grow every day even if it’s tiny by simply reading blogs and listening to a podcast. Then, focus on who can you help and do kind and active generosity every day. I believe, those two aspects are the formula to success — growing every day and giving to someone else every day.

Mike Grogan, International Motivational Speaker


TOA Executives with Mike Grogan


In the afternoon, all team members were grouped into their respective colour-coded teams. The games required strength, balance, speed, wit, proper coordination, strategy, flexibility, creativity and leadership skills. It was nothing short of fun, excitement and adrenaline-rich moments!


The cheer dance competition marks the start of the team building 2017


And so the fun continues!

With offices in Clark and Manila, five hundred team members joined the events that were designed and organised by the committee group from the Training and Admin & Facilities Department. In the day-to-day tasks we do at work, it’s always great to take a little break that is not just fun and exciting, but also memorable.



And now the last and most awaited game, the Project Runway with the theme ‘Evening Wear.’

Participants of each team had to go through a Barter System and exchange whatever garments they have at hand to get the materials they need in creating the most inspiring evening wear for their model. Interesting highlights of this game was the identity of the model. At the start of the game, the organisers reveal the model and they are none other than the Head of Departments (HODs) leading each team.


Project Runway Contest - ClarkProject Runway Contest - Manila

The department heads on the game ‘Project Runway’


After the games, points were finalised. For the Clark team, Orange Team led by Gina Libadia and Luisa Dometita emerged as the Champion followed by the Lime Team (Second Place) led by Coreen Atencio; while the Violet team led by Lawrence Guiao took the third place. For the Manila Team, the Violet team led by Vic Ovejas won the Championship.

Congratulations to all participants, committee, and organisers for a successful team building event. Well done team. Till the next!


TOA Clark & Manila


Watch the video highlights above. 


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We not only build our careers at TOA. We also build on our personal growth and relationships.
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Client Spotlight: How Offshoring Pushes Sky Accountants To Rapid Growth

Looking to be scalable, to get leverage and eventually build a business that can run without the owner, Sky Accountants was one of the first firms to give outsourcing a try and later on embrace it because of its great benefits and the opportunities it brings.

Key takeaways from this interview:

  • What made Jamie decide to outsource dedicated staff
  • The performance of his offshore team, and his future plans for them
  • The benefits that Sky Accountants has gained for investing in training
  • What were Jamie’s fears and doubts when starting to outsource
  • What Jamie has realised when he started to build an offshore team in the Philippines
  • How has The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) helped Sky Accountants through outsourcing
  • The benefits that Sky Accountants gained through outsourcing
  • Jamie’s advice to accounting business owners


It’s always been a positive experience, an affirmation of our business’ vision and values when we connect with our clients and learn about their outsourcing journey and successes, which for us is reflective of our own success as well.

Today, the spotlight is on Jamie Johns of Sky Accountants, one of the first firms in our clientele list to embrace outsourcing. Jamie provides us with some valuable insights into his outsourcing journey, his doubts when he started outsourcing, and some pro tips for business owners who are looking to grow their firm. These and more below in our excerpts from our interview with him.

Meet Jamie Johns, CEO of Sky Accountants

Jamie, an entrepreneur at heart, started ‘Sky Accountants’ from his home office. He specialises in helping business owners ‘build a business that can run without them‘. Sky Accountants deliver on this promise to guide individuals and businesses to success via the most efficient processes and proactive business partnerships.

Jamie has five full-time dedicated outsourcing staff in Clark, Philippines. Donita and Jacqueline are accountants, Kimberly and Jesille are bookkeepers, and Adrian is a marketing specialist. As the business grows, Jamie is looking to expand his offshore team at TOA next year with another three or four.

In the early stage of his outsourcing journey, Jamie needs to train his offshore team with Australian Tax, computer systems etc. Creating a domino effect where training one person can help train other people to do the things that are needed to do. The process becomes a lot easier as they go further and eventually their persistence on training paid off. “If you stick to it and have persistence, you’ll get the rewards,” says Jamie.

But, how did it all start?

Sky Accountants And Their Outsourcing Journey

To be scalable and to get leverage, these are Jamie’s main reason to outsource. In a global economy where borders don’t necessarily matter anymore, Sky Accountants is one of the first firms to embrace the opportunities that other countries could bring through technology. They are quick and smart to recognise that outsourcing is a natural part of it.


“Any successful business owner has to realise that the world is smaller and border don’t necessarily matter anymore. It’s important to embrace the opportunities that you’ve got with other countries and come together and do your best.

Jamie Johns


Like everyone else, Jamie had his own sets of doubts and challenges when he started outsourcing.This includes communication, quality of work, speed, turnaround time, and other common fears in a business. But once they started operating and adding staff to the team, it just got easier especially with the use of the right technology. Sky Accountants learned to overcome these fears in the process.


Offshoring challenges


Now on his third year with TOA, Jamie couldn’t be happier with his offshore team and their valuable contribution to Sky Accountants. When talking about his offshore team in the Philippines, Jamie is keen to answer “They’re all totally enthusiastic. They’re always great to deal with, and very positive. Their productivity is great and I couldn’t speak more highly of them.”

With the business growing, the longer that they work with their staff and the more they train them, the smarter and more efficient they become. It’s a win-win for both Jamie and his offshore team and their clients for providing the best accounting services.

How has TOA helped Sky Accountants

Jamie specifically highlighted three of the main benefits Sky Accountants has gained through outsourcing with the help of The Outsourced Accountant, “The team that Nick has put around himself both here and in Australia is excellent and they’re always open to feedback and improving their business. They’re always approachable and you always get timely responses.”

According to Jamie, having a team offshore is like having a team locally. You implement the same process, you treat them as part of the team and you unite the business and paint the future where you want to take it like with any other team members. That’s how he treats and values his team offshore. “They’re all part of a larger strategy to grow our business and it’s a global economy,” he added.


TOA helping businesses


If you’re an accountant, a business owner, or an adviser who is considering to invest in this space to achieve business efficiency, profit, and growth, here’s Jamie’s advice for you:


“When you start doing outsourcing, it’s important to get your structures and processes right. You need to systemise your business, you can have how-to videos and all sort of things but the biggest aspect in making it structured and all the workflow process.

Jamie Johns


This is just one of many client success stories at The Outsourced Accountant, where we pride ourselves on establishing a strong working relationship with our clients as a key method of delivering outstanding results each and every time.


Watch his full client testimonial video above.


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to grow your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, please contact our local industry experts specialists for a consultation today at
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Secrets Of Their Success

A webinar with:

Jamie Johns | CEO Sky Accountants
Accounting Business of the Year Awardee

Michael Risoli | Business Manager MKS Group
Service Excellence in an Accounting Business Awardee

Hosted by The Outsourced Accountant CEO, Nick Sinclair, we find out what it takes to be not only a winner at the Panalitix Annual Achievement Awards 2017 but also as innovators in the accounting and finance industry. Hard work, smarts, adaptability to the times are what stood out from these two firms. Below are excerpts from the Q and A part of our webinar.

How have you found the quality of staff to be like with offshoring?

Jamie: TOA provides a really good screening process so you’d always hire suitable candidates with the qualifications that you require. Some of the staff would really come with high-end skills. For example, we needed someone in payroll and you wanted to find someone with international experience. The quality hasn’t been an issue for us.

TOA provides a range of applicants to interview and then you can take them through some of your own tests. So we do a sort of matrix on every person and then decide. And then the rest will be up to the leadership of the business to take those people in, train them, make them feel part of the team, part of the culture. That hasn’t been a problem.


How have your clients found the fact that you are outsourcing?

Jamie: We’re upfront with clients. We don’t make it a massive issue and sort of push it in everyone’s face. At the same time, we don’t hide it. We just treat it exactly the same as you would hire someone locally. If people ask, we tell them. We introduce the offshore staff to clients. You really have to make your business strategy part of your plans. You’re really putting a stake in the sand and say “this is what I stand for”.

For whatever reason, if you (clients) don’t like it perhaps Sky Accountants is not for you. But that’s the decision that we’d let the client make. In saying that, we’ve never had it as an issue.


Can you tell us more about ‘compliance work dying’? What’s your take on this?

Jamie: Compliance is as relevant as it’s ever been. If you look at selling your business, or for those who are out there looking to buy businesses, you cannot buy businesses based on your current income. So all these rubbish about compliance dying or going away, it’s just rubbish because at the end of the day, people buy and sell businesses. They buy and sell based on a new income.

What are tax returns? They are annuity income. What’s bookkeeping? And that’s annuity income. And the three things about that tug of work is it’s teachable, it’s repeatable, and it’s scalable. So it’s as relevant as ever and it will never go away.

Michael: I’ve heard that many times, in some cases, in some areas where you have a simple tax return, maybe that’s what you start to lose steam as regulation changes. But we only have to look at the changes to superannuation and that just sort of makes the complexity of compliance that much harder from a superannuation point of view. I don’t see it dying and I haven’t actually experienced a reduction in compliance in the last probably 5 years, didn’t probably even hear that kind of talk. It’s really been upwards and onwards.

As structures become more complex, compliance grows with it. I don’t see it dying right now.


With setting up your offshore team, have you had to go over to the Philippines? How often? What’s your strategy in making your offshore team part of your global team?

Michael: We definitely see a lot of value in going over to the Philippines. Currently, every quarter we go over there. But in between that, there’s daily interaction with the team on everything,  from learning and coaching point of view to instruction point of view.

Definitely, every time we have gone over, we see an uplift in the understanding (of the work and culture) and the effort. We’re actually looking at what Jamie has done and bringing some of them here on a rotational basis.

Jamie: You need to speak with them every day on either TeamViewer or Skype for Business, or with whatever platform you’re using. I went there to the Philippines in December last year, for the first time in over two years since we’ve been working with TOA.

In that time, we’ve had two accountants come to Australia for training. So we have our in-house policy now on bringing someone here for training. On the flipside, we will have someone going there every six months from the team. So both ways.


If you were to walk in your shoes again and you were to start your practice as a clean slate tomorrow, what would you do differently?

Jamie: That’s an easy one, Nick. I’d get a mentor.

Michael: I’d get a piece of paper and design what I think the firm should look like, how the business is going to run and how I see myself in it rather than getting stuck into a default mode and end up sort of having to reverse engineer it.


How often do you spend time with your offshore team?

Jamie: We speak to them every day via TeamViewer or Skype for Business whatever the platform is. I went there to the Philippines in December last year for the first time. In that time we’ve had two accountants come to Australia for training, so we’ve got our in-house policy now that when someone’s out here with us try to bring them out here for training and on the flip side we will have someone going there like every six months from the team, both ways.

Michael: We do daily interaction with the team, from a learning and coaching point of view to instruction point of view. It’s like having a team member here locally. You have to invest in them. For us, it was a no-brainer to go overseas and to actually work with them and sit with them and see what the environment they work in and also understand how information from our end is coming in and how we can improve that for their benefit as well.


Our full blog coming next with insights on the following:

  1. Their biggest success factors as accounting firms
  2. Their biggest challenges and how they overcame them
  3. Outsourcing – how it helped them achieve success

Would you like to have a quick chat with our local industry experts who have helped Jamie Johns
(Sky Accountants) and Michael Risoli (MKS Group) in their offshoring journey?  

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Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Enables Ashfords To Grow Consistently With High-Performance

To offer additional services to clients and to find and hire people with different skill sets. These are the two main reasons why Ashfords started outsourcing and they found that the Philippines is an ideal solution.   

Let’s take a look at Ashfords’ outsourcing journey.

Meet Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan is a Financial Adviser and Partner at Ashfords in Melbourne, Australia. As a full-service firm, the business provides accounting and business services, audit and financial planning, wealth management, superannuation, and bookkeeping.

From seven team members, Ashfords now has 13 offshore staff in Clark as of May 2017. Two of whom have been part of their business for almost two years now. “We treat them as part of our business. They are just another staff member, working in an office that’s a bit further away,” said Richard.

On Their Offshoring Journey

Before coming to the Philippines, Ashfords had previously offshored in India. Here they had mixed results and issues around culture, time zones, and quality of work. With that experience, they actually stopped doing any offshoring for a couple of years. As they investigated, they had a better understanding of how the Philippines and the Filipino staff fitted better within their business.


“Our Philippines team are outstanding. Their language skills are a lot better. The time zone is a lot more friendly to work within our business and their quality of work has been exceptional. They’re very well qualified and they love what they do.”

Richard Vaughan


Communication is an important aspect in outsourcing and this has always been an important aspect for Ashfords, “When we interview for a new team member at TOA, we actually concentrate on the language skills and communication. It’s important that they have an understanding of what we’re trying to put across and if I’ve got any concerns they can come back to us anytime,” said Richard.

He has great confidence that the Filipino staff is very much qualified for the positions they were looking for as they possess university degrees and high standard of work experience. In addition to this, he made sure that they fit in with the Australian culture and that they can communicate well with the team onshore through intensive training and development.

The Benefits Of Offshoring

Richard has been very impressed and grateful to how The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) has helped Ashfords establish and grow the business. Through outsourcing, it allows them to offer new services to clients, ones that they haven’t offered before.

But, the best way that TOA helped them resolve their issue is by recruiting the best team members who work diligently and have very high quality of work that gives clients the best results.


Benefits of Outsourcing with TOA



At TOA, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. Coming from various business challenges and visions, we have compiled here testimonials of their success stories on offshoring with us.  


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to grow your firm, or just want to know what is possible with offshoring, please contact our local outsourcing experts/specialists for a free consultation or call us today at 1300 896 522.

Here’s What To Expect at Panalitix Roadshow 2017

Panalitix - The Perfect Firm
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