Big Four Accounting Firms Risk Conflict of Interest

Over the past decade, the so-called “Big Four” Networks of the Accounting Industry – PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG – have transformed from handling the  majority of audits of publicly listed companies to specialising in consulting and advisory as well. The four largest international professional services firms have taken advantage of the big opportunity for … Read more

6 Time Management Apps Accounting Professionals Can Use

If you are not using productivity tools available for your PCs, tablets, or smartphones, you are certainly missing out a lot on technology. There are several time management apps accounting professionals can use to help them improve focus and save time. Here are some examples: Trello Big companies from different industries like The New York … Read more

The Bigger Problem: Financial Services’ Apathy Poses Concern

A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed that as consumers grow frustrated over poor services  and incessant scandals of banks, insurers, fund managers and other financial services, there is a bigger problem that begs to be addressed – the sense of apathy that prevents immediate action. PwC’s latest report, How financial services lost its mojo – … Read more

How Professional Services Use Social Media

A couple of separate studies on how professional services use social media reveal that there is still much room for improvement for CEOs and accounting firms as most respondents are still struggling with the basics. The first study is conducted by SocialCPAs, in collaboration with Inovautus Consulting and the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) to … Read more

Xero Ranks Among NZ Tech Growth Leaders

Investment Service Company Technology Investment Network (TIN) unveiled this year’s list of New Zealand top export tech businesses with the highest growth at an event held at Ernst & Young (EY) in Auckland on 9 September. NZ Accounting Software Xero moved up a notch as it ranked third in the EY Ten Companies to Watch from … Read more

How to Keep Millennials in the Workplace Engaged

Millennials, otherwise called the Millennial Generation or Generation Y, are the demographic group after Generation X. There are no exact dates when the era begins and closes, but most researchers and commentators use birth years extending from 1980 to 2000. An article for Time Magazine even referred to them as the “me me me generation” … Read more

Here’s the Reason KPMG Refuses to Be Tagged as Accounting Firm

“We need to move on from referring to us as an accounting firm.” Thus said KPMG Australia chairman Peter Nash. He stressed how accounting services today only plays a small part of what the professional services giant do as advisory services now account for 49 percent of its income. “Those who would pigeon-hole us as an accounting … Read more

Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes in Professional Services

Committing marketing mistakes in the professional services industry, whether big time or just a minor one, can cost your firm thousands of dollars. We have all had our share of slips, but we also know that these mistakes are part of our learning experience since they give us an idea of what not to do … Read more

Xero Advisor Directory Offers Financial Guidance Within Reach

On its commitment to helping entrepreneurs run their small businesses, Xero launches yet another helpful tool after the recent expansion of its payroll support and enhanced inventory management. With over half a million subscribers across the globe, Xero announced on 25 August the unveiling of its new Advisor Directory, a platform through which small business … Read more

SMEs Want Accountants to Become a True Advisor and Partner – Exact

Accounting businesses want their service providers to step into the role of “true [business] advisor and partner” – this is what a survey from 750 U.S. small businesses in the accounting, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services has revealed. B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm Exact, in partnership with Pb7 Research, conducted the said study to understand what … Read more

The Ultimate Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet: 12 Web Analytics Terms You Should Know

In a study conducted by Hinge Research Institute, it was revealed that most clients evaluate potential accounting service providers by looking at their website. Your website is the most common source of company information so you should make sure it clearly communicates your services and core competencies. Monitoring your web traffic is important in order ... Read more

How to Get the Ball Rolling on Outsourcing

outsourcing accounting
Accounting firms are facing the risks of compliance and threats of digital disruption. Moreover, they are also struggling to be in control of everything, and as a result, there is no time or energy left to spend on their key strengths. As your company thrives and keeps up with the competitive industry, you will need someone to help ... Read more