Deloitte Hailed Partner of the Year at SuccessFactors HR Excellence Award 2015

Big Four firm Deloitte recently bagged the award in the Partner of the Year category of HR Excellence Award 2015, presented by American multinational SuccessFactors during its annual HR conference SuccessConnect 2015. Deloitte continues to dominate the industry having the largest number of clients amongst FTSE 250 companies. Moreover, it is also deemed as the ... Read more

How Your Firm Can Use Facebook for Business

In 2004, Facebook started as a Harvard-exclusive online social network. Soon enough, it became open to the public and gained popularity to every internet user. In 2007, it began allowing companies to raise brand awareness and drive online sales through Facebook for Business. Now, there are over 40 million local business pages on Facebook, with … Read more

Join the Accounting Tech Revolution

The accounting industry today is going on a breakthrough with the technology provided by cloud computing. Cloud applications like real-time bank feeds, the single ledger, and the API (application programming interface) have changed the way accounting is done and there’s no turning back at this point – we are indeed living in an accounting tech … Read more

The Value of Emotional Intelligence for Professionals

One of the key findings in the recent Outsourcing Report by global professional services network Grant Thornton revealed that intangible factors (trust, reliability, communications, etc.) or the so-called soft skills count as much, or more than, technical factors (cost, expertise, experience, etc.) in the criteria for a successful outsourcing relationship. In the same way, technical … Read more

How to Demonstrate Your Expertise Online

The best way to market your accounting firm is to show your proficiency on the services you offer. With our modern technology, the internet is the new medium for demonstrating your expertise to prospects seeking valuable information and looking for the best solution to their problems. Here are ways to demonstrate your expertise online: Keep … Read more

Improving Client Experience in the Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is competitive, but clients treat firms as replaceable commodities unless they find value in the services they receive. When clients are fully engaged in the experience, they will treat you as a valued partner and create a lasting relationship with your firm. Here are the ways in improving client experience: Understand the … Read more

5 Companies with the Best Corporate Culture

A great corporate culture attracts job seekers who are looking for a workplace that fits their values and beliefs and at the same time, maintains employees who are promoting their company through their commitment. The key to a company’s success is creating a culture that makes people feel that they are contributing to the greater … Read more

Don’t Miss the Opportunity in Asia – PwC to AU Businesses

While Asia is growing fast and becoming an economic powerhouse, Australian businesses are missing an even greater opportunity to participate directly in the growth of the region – this is what Big 4 accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) concluded in their report Passing us by: Why Australian businesses are missing the Asian opportunity. And what they … Read more

Reckon and ANZ Bank Tie Up for Online BankData App

Online accounting software Reckon announced its partnership with ANZ, the third largest bank in Australia last 21 July to further strengthen its BankData offering. The software provider added ANZ to its list of major Australian Bank partners as part of their BankData ecosystem for Reckon, enhancing automation and tracking in their already powerful BankData application. … Read more

Redefining the Role of Accountants through Offshoring

Offshoring financial and accounting services to low-cost countries like the Philippines has redefined the role of accountants in Australia. This is what Adrian Batty of Deloitte Private told AccountantsDaily, the Sydney-based news portal for accountants. According to Batty, offshoring has become a growing trend that gives Australian firms a competitive advantage. He added that the ... Read more

Digital Disruption: A Threat or an Opportunity?

Before, it was just a basic technological shift in our everyday lives – mobile phones replace telephones, CDs became a substitute to cassette tapes, and laptops supersedes personal computers. But now, internet-based technology has taken over every other industry –streaming sites displaced music & video stores, voice messaging apps overtook telecommunications companies and social media outplays … Read more

The Right LinkedIn Strategy for Accounting Firms

Maintaining an active social media presence is crucial in establishing your identity and promoting your brand as an accounting firm online, as a part of your inbound marketing strategy. Previously, we talked about how you can utilise the microblogging site Twitter for your accounting firm. Now, we’re going to discuss the most professional and streamlined … Read more