The Changing World of the Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is continuously transforming as technology evolves and client demands shift. This state of flux was confirmed by a research conducted by independent global market research company Ipsos and commissioned by accounting software company Common Ledger. It has shown the changing world of the accounting industry for Australia as Ipsos surveyed 50 small to medium … Read more

5 Business Lessons from Apple That You Can Apply to Your Firm

For the fifth consecutive time, Apple topped Forbes’ list of world’s most valuable brand with a worth of $145.3 billion, up by 17% from last year. Over the past years, it continues to revolutionise the industry with its innovative products. But what makes this technology giant the best in their craft? Here are five business … Read more

The New QuickBooks Online Accountant: An Essential Tool for Accountants

American software company Intuit has launched a new tool that will improve accountant’s efficiency. QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) was introduced in Australia with improved features to manage clients on all accounting software. It is specially designed to put the essential accounting tools in the most accessible, consistent place. QBOA is comparable to Xero’s Practice Manager … Read more

Should You Consider Having an Offshore Team in the Philippines?

The Philippines is fast rising in becoming the most preferred destination for Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) and global in-house center (GIC) complex, non-voice services after India, and remains the primary destination of choice for voice services. It is already proven that outsourcing is not only a cost improvement strategy but a growth strategy as well. … Read more

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools for Accountants

Let’s face it: Not all accountants are marketers, but that doesn’t mean you should skip marketing altogether. Your clients rely on you for advice, so you should improve your relationship with them through marketing. According to a study by global information services company Wolters Kluwer, less than a third (29.9%) of firms have dedicated marketing … Read more

Xero Payroll in New Zealand: The First 90 Days

Xero Payroll in New Zealand was released last April 2015, just in time for preparation as the financial year ended and another began. Payroll in Xero has saved time and improved accuracy with less manual data entry. It is easy to be implemented and can be securely accessed from your devices without downloading any software … Read more

Setting SMART Business Goals

Creating smart business goals is important for team members to understand their roles in the organisation. When they know how they can contribute to its success, they will grow with the company and have a higher engagement in their workplace. In 1981, consultant and former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company George … Read more

Focus On Growth: Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

Businesses are always under intense time and cost pressures. They must produce creative, advanced and original product line while continuously reducing costs and optimising their resources. Most small to large scale business owners struggle to be completely in control of everything and, as a result, there is no time or energy left to spend on their key … Read more

5 Ways Twitter Can Help Accounting Firms

There’s no denying that social media is an effective marketing tool for every kind of business. Social networking sites help firms engage with their clients who are active online. Today, we will focus on a particular social media platform – Twitter. Twitter lets you post messages up to 140 characters long (tweets) and lets your … Read more

Reconciling Multiple Transactions Quickly with Xero Cash Coding

Xero has made it easy to perform smart bank reconciliation and have a complete view of your business. If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper who will handle a new client, there’s no need to rummage through a whole year’s worth of receipts. With Xero, you can get these bank statements imported, connect your bank account … Read more

3 Characteristics of a Real-Time Accountant

With today’s technology, clients are on the lookout for real-time accounting solutions to keep up with the competitive industry. Accounting guru Rob Nixon believes that clients want ‘real-time’ services that are relevant and pre-emptive because there is no value in offering a redundant data – those that are late. Most of them want a real-time … Read more

How to Establish a Good Outsourcing Relationship

A study by accounting company Grant Thornton reveals that 40% or two in five of businesses are open to outsourcing business processes, climbing to 43% of larger businesses, where economies of scale mean outsourcing can have a greater impact. These firms believe that outsourcing will provide them a competitive edge. Previously, we have tackled the … Read more