5 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a strategic tool that offers substantial saving, efficiency, and convenience to firms. But without proper understanding of the industry, you might not be able to reap the benefits of outsourcing. Not all service providers can deliver the level of service that your company needs to achieve added business value. Before you jump … Read more

The Role of Outsourcing Service Providers

Let’s face it: you can’t be an expert in everything. Sometimes, you need to seek help from professionals in other fields in order to carry out unfamiliar or tedious tasks. This is where outsourcing service providers come in. They basically lend their skills and expertise to your company by offering value-added services, making your work … Read more

Metro Clark enters International Top 100 BPO centres list

Metro Clark has proven to be a competitive city as it finally made the 2015 Tholons International Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations. Tholons is the leading full-service Strategic Advisory firm for Global Outsourcing and Research. Since 2006, the firm has been identifying the emerging outsourcing destinations around the world, using the proprietary and industry-leading Tholons Location … Read more