The Top 5 Myths about Outsourcing

As more companies are looking to grow internationally, more and more functions are now being outsourced. Still, some firms hesitate to outsource their business process because they have negative perceptions about it. Here are five myths about outsourcing and the truth about it: Losing control of your business Having another company manage and control your … Read more

Why Should You Outsource in the Philippines?

Most foreign companies opt to invest in outsourcing back office from Asian countries in order to avoid certain costs and, at the same time, obtain a competent workforce. In this industry, the Philippines continues to outperform its neighbouring competitors and should become the first choice for your outsourcing needs. Recently, Australian Small and Medium Enterprises … Read more

The Rise of Clark Green City Draws Local and Foreign Investors

Clark is becoming an attractive investment destination in the Philippines today. The development of Clark Green City looks promising to investors from different industries like real estate, industrial park and township builders, and institutional developers, according to Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). “CGC involves the development of some 36,000 hectares of land at the … Read more

Why Should You Outsource Your Accounting Function?

Accounting is one of the most important but tedious functions in small and medium enterprises. Hiring new employees for this may be the basic solution. However, it eats up time and resources that could be diverted to revenue generating activities. Outsourcing this function is another way to solve this dilemma. It lets you acquire the ... Read more

4 Ways Outsourcing Help you Outgrow your Competitors

If there is anything constant about being in business, it is that you can always expect some tough competition. So how can you turn the odds in your favour? You can start by using modern tools to help you beat your competitors. According to a Sensis1 study, 32.8% of small businesses in Australia reported a ... Read more

The Role of Outsourcing in your Business Plan

Can you think of anything that compares to the value of a business plan? There’s a good chance that you would not be able to. Regardless of how passionate you are about setting up your own business, there is no match for translating your entrepreneurial concepts into an actual business plan. A business plan is ... Read more