Embrace Technology And Become a Million-Dollar Accountant #Ignite2018 Roadshow: What to Expect

2018 ignite roadshow
5-minute read   Research shows that most firms are not adapting their processes, people or leadership to the digital environment. Firms that are not utilising technology are still bogged down by compliance and do not have the capacity to meet customer needs. Are you one of these firms? How is technology working out for your ... Read more

How Your Accounting Firm Can Benefit from Social Media

social media accounts will help generate sales
Social media has redefined the way we do business. You need to be ahead of the competition and creating social media accounts can help you accomplish that. When done right it can grow your accounting firm, so consider investing resources in this dynamic and highly effective marketing tool. The question isn’t even if it’s worth ... Read more

Top 3 Issues Keeping Accounting Leaders Up at Night

Accounting is a complex career but it is interesting and rewarding at the same time. But, being responsible for the financial ins and out of a business causes much pressure, regardless if a firm is small or big. With so much going in the accounting industry, accountants are facing pressing challenges. Here are the top ... Read more

5 Game Changers in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is always transforming and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest. As KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel said, it is “an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry.” But instead of the usual trends, let’s talk about the game changers or the factors that have become significant to how digital marketing is being done … Read more

Digital Disruption: A Threat or an Opportunity?

Before, it was just a basic technological shift in our everyday lives – mobile phones replace telephones, CDs became a substitute to cassette tapes, and laptops supersedes personal computers. But now, internet-based technology has taken over every other industry –streaming sites displaced music & video stores, voice messaging apps overtook telecommunications companies and social media outplays … Read more

Why Firms Should Not Fear Automation

The impact of digital disruption encompasses jobs at risk of loss due to computerisation and technology, withaccounting and bookkeepers most at danger. As threatening as it may sound, it still presents opportunities and advantages that firms should not dismiss. Automation tools are made available to make our jobs easier and quicker. They wouldn’t run anyway … Read more

Is the Philippines Cloud Ready?

Cloud technology has open up a lot of market opportunities today. It is transforming a lot of businesses to become streamlined, while keeping it cost efficient in the process. Having a cloud computing strategy is important as the world is slowly embracing this powerful technology. The global community has always trusted doing their business in … Read more

Models of Outsourcing

There are many models of outsourcing, and with each day, there are more being created. We have listed the most common forms of outsourcing for accounting firms and listed some of the pros and cons of each offering: 1. Upwork/Freelancer This model works on a low cost, project basis style of work. You can list … Read more

Explore The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource MORE!

Outsourcing is an economic principle developed by the 19th-century economist David Ricardo. The basis of this principle is that businesses should outsource the production of low-value services even if they can produce them more efficiently themselves. This is because there is an opportunity cost —for every hour consumed by non-productive tasks, there is some high-value … Read more

Moving With Change: Reflections from the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

We constantly deal with unexpected changes in our lives, be it in our career or relationship, among other things. It’s especially hard to move on to a new path when you are already settled with your present situation. Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work and In Your … Read more

Accounting Trends of the 21st Century

The recent global financial crisis has paved a way to the evolution of the accounting industry. To address the concerns raised during this predicament, businesses were restructured to recover from their weak performance. They have learned to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the financial industry. The future of accounting is bright according to the … Read more

IT-BPO Industry in the Philippines Leads to Economic Boom

The Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing or IT-BPO Industry in the Philippines has brought a 17% increase in the country’s revenue for the year 2013, according to the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP)1. From $13.2 billion in 2012, the IT-BPO sector has generated $15.5 billion in revenue last year. According to BPAP … Read more