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Oct, 2015

5 Game Changers in Digital Marketing Digital marketing is always transforming and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest. As KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel said, it is “an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry.” But instead of the usual trends, let’s talk about the game changers or the factors that have become significant ...


Sep, 2015

How Professional Services Use Social Media A couple of separate studies on how professional services use social media reveal that there is still much room for improvement for CEOs and accounting firms as most respondents are still struggling with the basics. The first study is conducted by SocialCPAs, in collaboration with Inovautus Consulting and the Association ...


Aug, 2015

How Your Firm Can Use Facebook for Business In 2004, Facebook started as a Harvard-exclusive online social network. Soon enough, it became open to the public and gained popularity to every internet user. In 2007, it began allowing companies to raise brand awareness and drive online sales through Facebook for Business. Now, there are over 40 million local business pages on ...


Aug, 2015

The Right LinkedIn Strategy for Accounting Firms Maintaining an active social media presence is crucial in establishing your identity and promoting your brand as an accounting firm online, as a part of your inbound marketing strategy. Previously, we talked about how you can utilise the microblogging site Twitter for your accounting firm. Now, we’re going to ...


Aug, 2015

Transform Your Team Members into Brand Ambassadors When social networking became a hype, some employers got a little worried. Aside from the distress that other employers might lure them away, they are also anxious that their team members might share something that shouldn’t be shared online. But nowadays, social media has become a part of inbound ...


Jul, 2015

5 Ways Twitter Can Help Accounting Firms There’s no denying that social media is an effective marketing tool for every kind of business. Social networking sites help firms engage with their clients who are active online. Today, we will focus on a particular social media platform – Twitter. Twitter lets you post messages up to 140 characters long (...


May, 2015

How Clients Research for Potential Accounting Service Providers The accounting & financial services is an industry in transition and firms are struggling to thrive in order to keep up with the competition.  Hinge Research Institute wanted to find out how firms are going to market, so they conducted the study called Visible Expert℠ Research Study: Accounting & Financial ...
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