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Jul, 2017

Client's Day 2017
Client’s Day: A Day of Sharing, Learning and Fellowship
By: The Outsourced Accountant
One of our key focuses at The Outsourced Accountant is connecting, caring and contributing to our communities. This includes our Philippine and Australian teams, our clients, and those extending beyond our firm such as peers in the industry and the immediate local Philippine groups. Committing to foster a strong, happy ...


Aug, 2016

Employee Training
The Price of (Not) Providing Employee Training
By: The Outsourced Accountant
“Training is not a cost. It’s an investment.” Research shows that 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their jobs within the first year. The lack of skills training and development are their primary reasons for moving on. Losing staff is costly Every year, an average turnover rate of 18% ...


Jul, 2016

client spotlight
Client Spotlight: Discover How MKS Expanded Their Business 12 Mo. Ahead of Schedule
By: The Outsourced Accountant
Welcome to our Client Spotlight series! This week we sat down with Mark Said of MKS Group and got great business insight and advice. Find out more about Mark and the MKS group below.   As you’ll witness in this Client Spotlight Interview with Mark Said, CEO of MKS ...


Aug, 2015

Redefining the Role of Accountants through Offshoring Offshoring financial and accounting services to low-cost countries like the Philippines has redefined the role of accountants in Australia. This is what Adrian Batty of Deloitte Private told AccountantsDaily, the Sydney-based news portal for accountants. According to Batty, offshoring has become a growing trend that gives Australian firms a competitive ...


Jul, 2015

Should You Consider Having an Offshore Team in the Philippines? The Philippines is fast rising in becoming the most preferred destination for Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) and global in-house center (GIC) complex, non-voice services after India, and remains the primary destination of choice for voice services. It is already proven that outsourcing is not only a cost improvement strategy ...


Oct, 2014

“Philippines, a Viable Host of MNC’s overseas operatcions” – NY-based Real Estate Firm The Philippines is becoming a cost-effective destination for multinational companies, according to Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate consultancy company. The Philippines is the second fastest growing economy in Asia and among the five largest Southeast Asian economies (ASEAN-5). It recently accelerated 7 places, placing 52nd, in World Economic Forum (...


Aug, 2014

What Tasks Can be Completed Offshore? Most firms, when they look at what to outsource, automatically jump to outsourcing the roles where they are currently short-staffed or roles which have been historically hard to fill or retain staff in. The short answer to what can be outsourced is anything and everything. The best approach to take ...
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