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May, 2017

Accounting Firms Using Outsourcing
Big Increase In Accounting Firms Using Outsourcing In the latest poll data from our webinar Essential Guide To Outsourcing And Cloud Security For Accountants, 43% of the audience were shown to have outsourcing solutions up and running. This represents a big jump compared to the data gathered from the joint webinar with Panalitix, How To Become a Real-Time ...


Aug, 2016

What You Ought to Know About Employees Selling Work Passwords under $1,000 Corporate security is threatened with the alarming news that one in five employees would sell their work passwords for less than $1000. Some would even give up their corporate access credentials for less than $100 or equivalent to just the price of a dinner, according to a report by SailPoint—an identity ...


Jul, 2016

client spotlight
Client Spotlight: Discover How MKS Expanded Their Business 12 Mo. Ahead of Schedule
By: The Outsourced Accountant
Welcome to our Client Spotlight series! This week we sat down with Mark Said of MKS Group and got great business insight and advice. Find out more about Mark and the MKS group below.   As you’ll witness in this Client Spotlight Interview with Mark Said, CEO of MKS ...


Aug, 2015

Join the Accounting Tech Revolution The accounting industry today is going on a breakthrough with the technology provided by cloud computing. Cloud applications like real-time bank feeds, the single ledger, and the API (application programming interface) have changed the way accounting is done and there’s no turning back at this point – we are indeed ...


May, 2015

Is the Philippines Cloud Ready? Cloud technology has open up a lot of market opportunities today. It is transforming a lot of businesses to become streamlined, while keeping it cost efficient in the process. Having a cloud computing strategy is important as the world is slowly embracing this powerful technology. The global community has always ...


Apr, 2015

Xero’s New Features for 2015 We’re now on the second quarter of the year, and cloud accounting software Xero has been packing up a lot of new aspects since the start of 2015. Here are the highlights of these cool features: • Workpapers redesign Workpapers gets a tighter integration as invoices are automatically synced with Xero ...


Mar, 2015

5 Common Misconceptions about the Cloud We are living in a fast evolving world and businesses are now moving to the cloud. Cloud-based services have dominated our everyday lives and in the age of internet evolution, the pressure is on for late adopters. Thinking about moving your business to a cloud-based infrastructure but not sure of ...
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