Hitting Industry Milestone with Incredible Insights and Discoveries

THE #IGNITECON2018 WRAP-UP THE BIGGEST OFFSHORING CONFERENCE FOR ACCOUNTANTS   5-minute read Two days went by so fast with conference delegates soaking in all the learnings and fun! Brilliant speakers with stimulating ideas, guests with the toughest questions, and networking opportunity make it all an experience to remember.   If you were there, or in case ... Read more

Five Telltale Signs Accountants Need An Executive Assistant


7-minute read   Did you know that, on average, accountants, accounting firm owners and partners spend 1 to 2 hours per day doing non-revenue-generating tasks?  That is 400 hours of possible billable hours per year! Let that sink in for a moment.   Your firm is actually losing revenue because of the cumulative effect of you doing … Read more

Diversify To Amplify: Why Accountants Should Build A Bookkeeping Division

4-minute read   The answer to this intriguing question boils down to one word: Diversification. In an accounting industry amidst massive disruption, this one word can be the difference to winning or losing the future game. You will find out why below.   SHIFT IN STATUS QUO For the longest time, accountants have been considered ... Read more

Accounting Concepts: 5 Habits Of Highly Effective Accountants

accounting concepts: habits of effective accountants

Feeling tired at work? Can’t seem to get things done by the end of the day despite spending most of your time on your desk? Are you constantly trying to beat deadlines and can’t understand why you’re always behind? The secret to being productive at work isn’t burying yourself in work or spending more than … Read more

Supercharge Your Firm’s Capacity By Growing Your Global Accounting Team

Supercharge your firm capacity
[header_title header_tag="h3" add_title="Get to know the potential of your team at The Outsourced Accountant"] 6-minute read   Supercharging your firm’s capacity will require you to accomplish a number of key strategies. One of the most crucial is getting the right people on the right tasks in the right place. The idea here is simple, grow ... Read more

Are You A Workaholic? Watch Out For These Problems

accounting work experience health risks
Crunching numbers may be daunting at times but it can be fulfilling since you’re helping businesses grow. Accounting plays a vital role in running any business. Without it, companies would have no way of evaluating their financial performance. Accountants help company owners and stakeholders make better business decisions, which is why it is of extreme ... Read more

What Young Accountants Need To Know Now

Accounting information for young accountants
According to a 2013 survey from Oxford University, 47% of all jobs are ready for automation and that accountants are next to telemarketers who are starting to feel the effects of computerisation. This only means that accountancy is ripe for the digital transition. Accounting automation can significantly improve the way accountants do their jobs and, ... Read more

How Accountants, Finance and Marketing Professionals Keep Score

TOA Sportsfest 2017
TOA Sportsfest 2017 Last April, the annual TOA Sportsfest officially opened. Three sporting events -- basketball (April), volleyball (May), bowling (June) -- are contested in this year’s Sportsfest 2017. With three tournaments to participate in, team members certainly got a chance to bond with some good competition. Since TOA has doubled in size since last ... Read more

7 Qualities of a Good Accountant — that you want to practice

An accountant’s work is often thought of as extremely precise and requires a certain level of level-headedness. They have a detailed-oriented environment where small mistakes can have a huge impact on the business—on how accounting books will look like, how decisions will be made, and the overall financial health of the company. To stay on ... Read more

Get Paid On Time with Xero Invoice Reminders

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your organisation. It guarantees that your business is operational and your company is able to pay your employees. But to ensure this, you need to get paid on time, too. Chasing overdue payments can be tricky and time-consuming. When the invoicing process is delayed, the cash flow is also … Read more

5 Accounts CPAs Should Be Following On Twitter

Previously, we have talked about how professional services like accounting firms can utilise social media platforms, especially Twitter. Now, we’re going to share some accounts we think CPAs should be following on Twitter: Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – @ato_gov_au For updates on Australian Tax and Super Info, you should be following ATO on Twitter. ATO … Read more

SMEs Want Accountants to Become a True Advisor and Partner – Exact

Accounting businesses want their service providers to step into the role of “true [business] advisor and partner” – this is what a survey from 750 U.S. small businesses in the accounting, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services has revealed. B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm Exact, in partnership with Pb7 Research, conducted the said study to understand what … Read more