Client Spotlight: How Symes Accountants Achieved Efficiency, Productivity & Growth

Over the past two years, Symes Accountants has gone from theory to practice by bringing offshoring to the business streamlining their systems and processes resulting to dramatic improvements in efficiency.

Meet Peter Caddy

Peter Caddy is the Director and Partner at Symes Accountants, an accounting and financial planning business based in South Australia.

Symes Accountants provides tax and compliance and financial services nationwide to help families and businesses plan for their future. Symes is committed to forming close relationships with their clients to understand their unique situation and customise the assistance that suits their needs.

They have been with The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) for over two years. From seven people in 2014, Symes has now eleven dedicated offshore staff in Clark — five accountants, five bookkeepers and one administrative officer.

On Improving Team Engagement

Since day one, Symes has been very keen in recognising the importance of training and development and effective communication. They see it as a key part of how they operate and grow the business.

Since they started offshoring, they have been visiting the Philippines regularly to personally train their team, or bring them over to Australia so the team onshore can get to know and train them personally one-on-one. The learning process is much like any other training — it’s ongoing, not just a one-day event.


TOA Offshore Team

Symes Accountant’s offshore team in the Philippines, 2015


The strengths in their processes are keeping the lines of communication open and healthy, providing feedback in a positive and constructive way, and establishing a happy, healthy and comfortable work environment. When talking about his offshore team, Peter was quick to answer,


“We have a really good team of people. They work very hard for us. They are willing to learn which is always a key part for us. They are part of our business and no different to anyone else in our team. We give them all the same information about where our business is going, what we’ve done in the past, how they’re involved in it and how it’s working for us. Our business is still growing and we see offshoring as a great strategy.

Peter Caddy

The Offshoring Benefits

Peter highlights the benefits that Symes Accountants has gained and experienced through outsourcing. Here are some of them:  

  • Humanises the whole process
  • Highly-engaged and skilled team
  • Long-term strategy with long-term benefits
  • Scalability – it’s a growth strategy


offshoring benefits


At TOA, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. Coming from various business challenges and visions, we have compiled here testimonials of our success stories on offshoring with TOA.


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to grow your firm, or just want to know what is possible with offshoring, please contact our local outsourcing experts/specialists for a free consultation or call us today at 1300 896 522.

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