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NEIL GERRARD: Are You Running A Progressive Accounting Firm?

In this episode, I interviewed Neil Gerrard, Director at Errant Venture. We talked about Neil’s journey from being an ex-army officer to leading one of the most progressive accounting firms today. His strong background on systems and processes have helped greatly in putting his offshore global team in place while gaining a steady flow of new clients. How does he do it? Tune in.


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  • I am The Commanding Traveller Guide
  • From the army, to being trained by Filipinos, to now having an offshore Filipino team
  • Having a roadmap for your business and your team
  • Overcoming preconceived notions on offshoring
  • The only one KPI in the business




“On making processes and business expectations: If you can’t do it from home, then they can’t do it at all.”


“My title is Commanding Traveller Guide. The entire branding is journey with clients and our clients are travellers.”


“Learn the job from the person above you; then teach the job to the person below you.”


“We only have one metric in our business: Did it go out on time and correct?”




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