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Jamie Johns Podcast

JAMIE JOHNS: How To Be The CEO Of Your Firm!

In this episode, I interviewed Jamie Johns, CEO of Sky Accountants for The Offshore Accountant podcast. Sky Accountants, has won numerous awards:

  • Accounting Business of the year from Panalitix in 2017
  • One of the top 57 firms worldwide in the book “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”
  • Firm Of The Year by the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)
  • Most innovative accounting firm from Panalitix
  • Jamie Johns also won the IPA National Member of the year in 2017

Jamie shares some of the insights he has implemented so that he can focus on being the CEO and growing the firm.


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  • Leveraging technology for communication
  • The use of Tiny Pulse: why employee feedback is important
  • KPIs for onshore and offshore teams
  • The importance of capacity planning
  • Personal insights on managing an offshore team




“The fastest way to grow your firm is by effective delegation.”


“If you can’t get the work done in a timely manner, you just can’t grow.”


“Be aware of where the world is headed and test the waters. Embrace the change.”


“It’s just attitude particularly from the leaders. Partners need to have forward thinking to allow staff to try things out. Look at the cost benefit of this approach.”


Advice to younger self: “Get rid of the ego. Read about really successful people. Get a mentor.”


On offshoring: “Don’t think it’s a quick fix.”



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