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DEANNE FIRTH: Delivering The Super In SMSF Audits

In this episode, I interviewed Deanne Firth, Director at Tactical Super. Specialising in the audit of SMSFs, Deanne and her team have been working with their global team at The Outsourced Accountant for two years now and have been reaping the success of their offshoring efforts.

Deanne has invested heavily in culture appreciation between her onshore and offshore teams, allowing staff travel between Australia and the Philippines, and has accomplished putting a face to the name, or humanising, a significant part of the offshoring journey. Listen to her remarkable stories here.


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  • Process, process, process
  • Investing in training
  • Karaoke, surfing and … traffic!
  • The power of recognition
  • Debunking myths on offshoring




“On training: I recommend bringing them (offshore staff) out to Australia as soon as possible – immerse them with your team and culture.”


“Getting people to understand that your Filipino team are exactly that – part of your team. It’s just like having a Sydney office.”


“Life will not work out the way you plan – you will experience loss in your life… you are allowed to be sad… but don’t let it consume you. Choose instead to live in the moment. Your happiness depends on your ability to handle the changes that life will throw at you.”


“Outsource anything that is not client facing.”



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