Client Spotlight: Discover How MKS Expanded Their Business
client spotlight
Client Spotlight: Discover How MKS Expanded Their Business 12 Mo. Ahead of Schedule

Welcome to our Client Spotlight series! This week we sat down with Mark Said of MKS Group and got great business insight and advice. Find out more about Mark and the MKS group below.


As you’ll witness in this Client Spotlight Interview with Mark Said, CEO of MKS Group, he shared with us what their business had used to struggle with and how they’ve been able to succeed. Find out what business practice helped them to remarkably improve the service they provide to their clients.

Let’s hear it straight from Mark.

The Challenge

MKS Group was faced with two significant business concerns that needed to be addressed in order to keep up with their current rate of expansion.

They also struggled to have the time to be ahead of the competition, and do more marketing.

In business, playing safe is very risky. 

They say, if you do nothing, you often end up with … nothing. But, Mark did something that made a difference to MKS.

The Reward: 20% faster turnover, 25% increase in productivity and more!

Each day, business owners are faced with dozens of decisions. Mark revealed how his decision to outsource made an impact to their clients and company growth.

Why The Outsourced Accountant?

Mark enumerated tons of reasons how The Outsourced Accountant helped to meeting their goals and expectations.

He summed up our conversation perfectly by saying …

In business, there’s a very thin line between success and failure. If you want to be successful, you must walk that very thin line like Mark did.

Got a big decision to make? 

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