Client Spotlight: Discover What Fuelled Integrity Financial Planners
client spotlight
Client Spotlight: Discover What Fuelled Integrity Financial Planners to Succeed

As the next in our series of client success stories, let’s take a look at our most recent case study. This week, we sat down with Darryn Borg of Integrity Financial Planners to discuss building a business, making tough decisions and the importance of a strong dedicated team. Find out more about Darryn and the IFP below.


In this Client Spotlight Interview with Darryn Borg, Executive Director of Integrity Financial Planners (IFP), he shared with us what their business had used to struggle with and how The Outsourced Accountant has helped them ignite action and fuel change.

Find out what business strategy helped IFP to remarkably improve their service and provide a great experience to their clients. Watch the video and hear it straight from Darryn.

The Challenges of Growing a Business

Each time we talk to a client, we hear stories of struggles and success. This time, with Integrity Financial Planners, it was no different.

Darryn and the IFP were faced with not just one, not two, but four serious business problems.

Turning Pain into Success

One smart decision fuelled change to IFP, making them more flexible and responsible for meeting all the unique challenges and requirements of their clients.

Sharing the Rewards of Outsourcing

Nothing really worth having comes quick and easy. As an entrepreneur, Darryn is faced with a variety of difficult and risky decisions.

And, it was not long before IFP started to reap the benefits of their smart-decision making.

Why The Outsourced Accountant?

One of our favorite quotes from Darryn that we believe truly showcases our breadth and depth of service is …


This is just one of many client success stories at The Outsourced Accountant, where working with our clients as partners is a key method for delivering outstanding results time after time.


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