Discover How HTA Improved their Turnaround Time and Process Efficiency
client spotlight
Client Spotlight: Discover How HTA Improved their Turnaround Time and Process Efficiency

In our series of client success stories, we highlight some of The Outsourced Accountant’s awesome client. This week, we sat down with Troy Townley of HTA Advisory to discuss one of their biggest successes. Find out more about Troy and the HTA Advisory below.


We recently caught up with Troy Townley, Co-Founder of HTA Advisory, to chat about their inspiring business journey, from their humble beginnings, to the challenges they face as a growing business and how they find new ways to turn their challenges into bigger and better opportunities.

What do they mean by “Outcomes by Design”? And, what does this company do that made them successful? Watch the video to get a full view of one of their biggest successes.

The HTA’s Biggest Challenge

Every growing business faces a range of challenges, but some of them are good that will stretch the business for the better.

With HTA, it was no different …

The Big Leap They Took Towards Success

Different problems demand different solutions. What worked years ago might not work with today’s challenges.

But, HTA was vigilant to new opportunities. They made sure that the steps they’ll take will help make the most of their opportunities and will create sustainable growth for their business.

The Benefit: Improved turnaround time, better systems and process and more!

With their decision to outsource, HTA was deeply pleased with its undeniable impact on the company’s business growth and bottom line.

Why The Outsourced Accountant?

Troy shared how The Outsourced Accountant has helped them find new ways to provide the best possible solution and outcome to their problem.

This is just one of many client success stories at The Outsourced Accountant, where working with our clients as partners is a key method for delivering outstanding results time after time.

Special thanks to Troy from HTA Advisory. Make your eyes open for our next client spotlight blog.


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