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We want our clients to be always satisfied with our work. See what they have to say about us.

Nigel Plowman – Director
“McKinley Plowman have used The Outsourced Accountant since 2014 and have continuously received excellent service. From the initial sourcing of candidates and interviews to the constant follow up and communication, the team at The Outsourced Accountant has exceeded our expectations. Along with the team at McKinley Plowman, my directors and I would not hesitate in recommending The Outsourced Accountant to anyone who is interested in securing an outsourced solution with a professional and caring company. A big thank you for your assisted efforts in helping our company expand as our business continues to grow. ”

McKinley Plowman & Associates

Justin Flavel – Director
“ We have outsourced before but this is different. Our offshoring experience with the outsourced accountant has been fantastic. The attention to detail and the care they provide our team members is exceptional. We believe our relationship and our team in the Phillipines are our future advantage. ”

Omnis Group

Jamie Johns – CEO and Founder
“ Verne Harnish states there are 3 Barriers to Growth: Leadership, Scalability and Margins. TOA fixes the last one - period ”

Sky Accountants

Mark Said – Partner
“ MKS Group has been using The Outsourced Accountant and hiring team members offshore since early 2014. Nick Sinclair and his team have assisted us in the process from start to finish and made it as painless as possible. We currently have 5 full time team members located in Clark and that number is set to grow - we have also increased our local head count at the same time. Nick's team have been able to provide us with a skill set that other similar companies have struggled with - in less than 1 week after the brief was provided, we had a bank of 6 candidates to interview, and some were available for immediate start. We selected the initial 3, got them trained up and now they work quite autonomously. The next 2 were exactly the same. We expect our offshore team to increase over the next few months as our business grows - offshoring is now a way of life for us. ”

MKS Group


TOA Team Members

“Rachel is a breath of fresh air. She has a wonderful work ethic, no job is difficult and she is proactive and thinks ahead without prompting. She is a wonderful asset to my business.”
“ I believe this was a job mostly completed by Clareens with support from Bernard. Thanks for the efforts and I'm looking forward to replicating this result on other jobs going forward.” - Justin Searle
“ I just wanted to pass on how happy I have been with how Roxanne David is progressing. A few weeks ago I was getting a little worried as I gave her a couple of pretty messy jobs and she seemed a bit down because I could sense she was confused. Since then I have allocated her a couple of jobs and she seems to be grasping the concepts now to reconcile some of the key balance sheet accounts. Her quality of work is really good, it is very neat, with good workpapers and is easy to review.
“ Cza is a model staff member who strive to complete tasks on time and at a high level of quality. I know that Cza has a lot on her workload and she never complaints and even if we issue extra work she takes this on also. I'm very happy with the way Cza is developing and continues to improve on a daily basis. She also show initiative and improves procedure when she identifies a better way to complete the tasks.” – Jen P.
“ I would like to thank Kristian for his great work since starting. He has been very professional and efficient and has picked up tax very quickly. I am sure everyone will enjoy working with him as much as I have. ”
“ Cheryll is a natural leader of our team. She is keen to learn and finalizes tasks quickly and efficiently and communicates well with us. A valuable team member we will be able to utilize more as we progress with our team and use her knowledge and skills to our advantage. ” – Peter Caddy
“Zing to Andrea for reaching 2000 contacts updated. Well done Andrea!” “Wow, that’s a great milestone. Well done Andrea!” “Great job Andrea, as I’ve said before this is important work.”
“Well done Jen, you have a tough set of accounts that you are doing and you are doing well.” “Thank you very much for fixing up the Loan tax returns. Well done!” “Thanks for updating Luke’s return. I’ll send his 2014 ITR for collation, good job overall! ”
“Thanks for being so thorough.” “Thanks for considering the review points, I can see you are a fast learner. Good work!” “Thanks for the quick-smart response Ena.” “Keep up the hardwork!”
“Glen is doing very well & meeting all current expectations. She is a valuable team member of HTA.”
“Please see how talented is Jaypee! He created a register for AM Legal according to the requirements of the Legal Society. It is not finished yet but I wanted to share with you my appreciation of Jaypee’s skills.”
“I’m very pleased at the pace you are progressing.” “Excellent work, I can see you have improved greatly in such a short space of time!” “Mara nailed the CGT calculation on the property the first time.” “Your excel work is neat & tidy, I like that!” “Thanks so much for doing this structure chart so quick-smart!”
“Cristina has satisfied and at times exceeded our expectations to date. We are extremely pleased with the way that this is developing. We are comfortable that Cristina is ahead of where our directors and the team as a whole expected them to be in the above skills, and from a personal perspective we have been very happy with some of the adhoc work that they have helped us out with. We have noticed that there has been continued improvement in Cristina’s proactivity which has been fantastic, and we look forward to this continuing.”
“I just had a quick chat with Michael, of the Directors for The Trustee for ATB Partners and he expressed how happy he and the rest of the Directors are, of the performance and efficiency of our Team Members working with them. He mentioned that because of the commitment and excellence they saw, they will surely add more people in the near future.”
“You should be very proud of how you have progressed so far” “You are having a go at something that you have never seen before with only minimal training from me.” “ZING! to Danika for another excellent training session. Always willing to have a go at the things we train on with only limited knowledge. This is so fantastic!”
“Rick and I continue to be very impressed and happy with Joyce’s role in our company. We consider her an integral part of how we do business and this is something that we did not expect would happen so quickly upon our embracing the mode of Outsource working. This has certainly surprised both of us.” “She's been amazing and everything works faster and better than I’ve imagined. Michel (his wife) and I are very happy with Joyce. She’s very efficient and delivers the level of expertise that we need. Please make sure everyone knows.”
“She has an extremely high turnaround of work and it is completed to a high degree with little errors. She often completes things so promptly that I haven’t had a chance to put together other work for her.”
“Thanks Jenny this is looking good. We are in the process of finalising some more screen steps and will send through for you to review as they are finalised.” “Thanks so much Jenny! I just want to let you know that I have had the busiest ever few weeks since we met however I still know the amazing job you are doing, and I so appreciate I can’t tell you! Eric the same! I hope you are liking .. I get worried you are not .. hope you do! J It won’t always be this full on - our admin team here is seriously trying to get up to date & you’ve unfortunately copped the brunt of - it will be easier don’t worry, lucky for you essentially!”
“Hi Merry, really impressed you picked up that it was amended and that you named it 2014 Amended NOA!”
“ Just so you know, the entire team here are very happy with your work. Wayne was expressing this to me this morning. Great job and thanks!”
“Despite the fact that I’ve been less involved over the past couple of months than I would ideally like to be, I am thrilled with the ongoing progress I have seen and heard of. I will use one of Jason aCunningham’s favourite sayings which is to `build the plane as you fly it’. We are currently building the plane (ie systems/skills matrix/training programs) as we fly it. As the plane continues to get built, we know that the results will magnify which is really exciting.”
“ Jethro created a table to send to us when we need to prepare files for (financial) planning meetings, very easy to read and has everything we need to know at a glance. It seems that he thinks outside the box and willing to make things easier / simpler if he can. He seems to be going really well. ”
“As per my email last week, I kept the nominations for the `’conch’’ open for announcement today. Based on all the submissions I would like to congratulate Niko as the winner for April. Niko has demonstrated some great teamwork over the last month in particular in helping out other new team members coming on board with some training guidance. This isn’t his first nomination but this month he was a deserving winner. As we can’t award the conch to you in person Niko I have taken a photo and forwarded it to you in this email (sorry it is upside down). Well done Niko - great effort! ”
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