Getting The Most Out Of Your TOA Team - 25July (Website)


About the Webinar

You’ve joined The Outsourced Accountant! Welcome aboard! 

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how we can best support you on your offshoring journey. We’ll cover several important areas - From recruiting your first staff to growing your team to 100; From managing performance evaluations and people issues to improving team culture, to maximizing your visits to the Philippines!

We’ll have speakers from each team with whom you’ll regularly be collaborating. They’ll be sharing insights, best practices and useful stories around ensuring that you and your team at TOA are both on track towards a successful offshoring journey.

Key Takeaways

How your Account Manager can help you 

How your Client Experience Manager can help you

Why TOA training programs are crucial for your team and your business

Building your growth strategy 

Webinar Speakers

Nick Sinclair Chairman, The Outsourced Accountant

One of the foremost experts in outsourcing, offshoring, and building global teams for accounting firms. With close to 800 specialist accountants and support staff that are part of a repeat double-digit growth business, Nick thrives on being able to help Accounting firms succeed in unlocking their potential and add more value to their clients.

Judith Guintu Head of Client Experience 

An experienced leader in the BPO industry for 14 years now, Jude, as she's fondly called, is passionate about honing and bringing out the best in potential leaders. She is responsible in mentoring and coaching The Outsourced Accountant’s amazing pool of Client Experience Managers in the Clark offices. Being with TOA for almost 5 years, Jude is critical in the creation and development of processes that deliver the highest degree of service excellence to all our clients.  

Sette Santiago Senior Client Experience Manager 

With vast experience in account management, client relations, training delivery, and business administration, Susette always aims to provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. She excels in building strong interpersonal relationships in her unending effort to exceed client expectations. Susette has been with the Client Experience Team at The Outsourced Accountant almost from the start for nearly 4 years now.

Cathy Lockyer Account Manager 

With a wide experience in dealing with international HR issues, Cathy Lockyer knows how to effectively nurture relationships with clients as well as engaging employees. She possesses the right attitude needed in motivating teams as well as the proficiency in strategic HR assessment.

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