Client Testimonials

Leading accounting firms have been offshoring for years. Check out their videos to learn about their journey.

Client Spotlight: Empowered With Time For Firm Growth

6-minute read To gain the time you need to grow your firm, you need the capacity to do all the work that needs to be done. Debra Houghton of Gilligan Sheppard out of New Zealand has seen first-hand how building a high-performing offshore team can empower their local team with the time for firm growth.  Why Build … Read more

Customer Spotlight: Get Rapid Growth By Hiring The Right People

Care Accounting has come a long way in its offshoring journey with The Outsourced Accountant. Thanks to an incredibly hard-working staff, Bernie Gore has seen her firm experience pretty rapid expansion in the last three years. From working out of her bedroom, Bernie now has teams both in Australia and the Philippines, is about to ... Read more

TOA Clients Winning At The Australian Accounting Awards 2018

4-minute read   To say that we are proud is an understatement. We consider it an honour to be working with such amazing individuals and firms. Being part of their journey towards bigger and better things, it warms our hearts to see them being recognised for a job well done. THE VALUE FOR THE WINNERS ... Read more

Client Spotlight: Offshoring Will Help You Find The Right People For The Job

In this edition of our Client Spotlight, MKS Group Founder and CEO Mark Said talks about his company’s offshoring journey and how they were able to eliminate challenges and establish strong communication rhythms that helped scale the business. Mark’s experience in offshoring with The Outsourced Accountant is proof that a streamlined process and the right ... Read more

Client Spotlight: How Offshoring Helps RWK Accountancy Grow Their Clients’ Businesses

In this edition of our Client Spotlight, Director Robert Koch of RWK Accountancy discusses the struggles they initially faced and how offshoring eventually helped them steer their firm in the right direction. Small businesses face several challenges that can hinder success. Unless business owners find a more efficient way to deal with day-to-day operations, it ... Read more

Client Spotlight: Offshoring Is The Best Strategic Move For Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions

Businesses are bound to come across roadblocks and discover gaps in their services. To continue providing excellent services to clients, they need to learn how to fill these gaps and find employees who are highly dependable. Meet Craig Jamieson, Director, Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions After discovering a gap in their client services, Craig Jamieson, director … Read more

Client Spotlight: How Offshoring Pushes Sky Accountants To Rapid Growth

Looking to be scalable, to get leverage and eventually build a business that can run without the owner, Sky Accountants was one of the first firms to give outsourcing a try and later on embrace it because of its great benefits and the opportunities it brings. Key takeaways from this interview: What made Jamie decide ... Read more

Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Enables Ashfords To Grow Consistently With High-Performance

To offer additional services to clients and to find and hire people with different skill sets. These are the two main reasons why Ashfords started outsourcing and they found that the Philippines is an ideal solution.    Let’s take a look at Ashfords’ outsourcing journey. Meet Richard Vaughan Richard Vaughan is a Financial Adviser and ... Read more

Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Allowed LPR Advisory To Scale and Grow

Struggling to find high quality staff, Ryan came across a friend who had tried outsourcing and had a lot of success. He then looked into it and gave it a try. Having a team offshore forced LPR Advisory to procedurise and systemise their business which uncovered a lot of inefficiencies with how they do business. ... Read more