May, 2017

Accounting Firms Using Outsourcing
Big Increase In Accounting Firms Using Outsourcing In the latest poll data from our webinar Essential Guide To Outsourcing And Cloud Security For Accountants, 43% of the audience were shown to have outsourcing solutions up and running. This represents a big jump compared to the data gathered from the joint webinar with Panalitix, How To Become a Real-Time ...


May, 2017

Cloud Security Concerns For Accountants
Cloud Security Concerns For Accountants, A Top Concern … And Growing! A perfect session for firm owners or practitioners in the accounting, bookkeeping or financial industry. If you want to know more about outsourcing, offshoring or know what competitors are doing in this space, the biggest concerns particularly on cloud security - then this webinar is not to be missed!   ...


Feb, 2017

Building Capacity for Accountants by Offshoring Over 90% of accounting firms are either outsourcing work, have decided to, or are on the hunt for more information on how to get setup. Two experts examine how to build capacity in the firm and how this has led to dramatic shifts in firm productivity. In this expert webinar, hear ...
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