TOA Team Building 2017 Promotes Better Relationships

The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) held a one-day team building activity which took place on two separate dates and locations. For the  Clark team, it was held at Hotel Stotsenberg, Clark Pampanga last 16 June; while the Manila team had theirs at Selah Garden Hotel, Pasay Manila last 23 June.

The day started with a CEO update from Nick Sinclair, followed by some people-focused updates from Chief of People, Kerri Brown, which made the whole TOA team very happy. Some cool changes are about to happen in terms of company policies, events… and fashion!


“TOA is focused on growing and building our team members. It’s about personal development and becoming a better version of themselves. So, it’s really a major focus for us. Every year, we run this event and this is something we’ll continue to do in the future.  

Nick Sinclair, CEO The Outsourced Accountant


Next is a very inspiring speech from an international motivational speaker, Mike Grogan, who believes in the genius of the Filipinos. He is the author of the bestselling book “The Rise of the Pinoy” where he shares 7 powerful lessons of success that he learned from 21 world-class Filipinos. His ideas and insights were very well received by the team members, shown by their enthusiastic applause, laughs and even singing!

Facebook post by Mike Grogan


The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) is composed of over 90% Millennials and Mike shares a short but inspiring message.


“Possibly, the greatest thing you can do are two things; (1) invest in yourself; (2) invest in others. There’s an opportunity to get better and grow every day even if it’s tiny by simply reading blogs and listening to a podcast. Then, focus on who can you help and do kind and active generosity every day. I believe, those two aspects are the formula to success — growing every day and giving to someone else every day.

Mike Grogan, International Motivational Speaker


TOA Executives with Mike Grogan


In the afternoon, all team members were grouped into their respective colour-coded teams. The games required strength, balance, speed, wit, proper coordination, strategy, flexibility, creativity and leadership skills. It was nothing short of fun, excitement and adrenaline-rich moments!


The cheer dance competition marks the start of the team building 2017


And so the fun continues!

With offices in Clark and Manila, five hundred team members joined the events that were designed and organised by the committee group from the Training and Admin & Facilities Department. In the day-to-day tasks we do at work, it’s always great to take a little break that is not just fun and exciting, but also memorable.



And now the last and most awaited game, the Project Runway with the theme ‘Evening Wear.’

Participants of each team had to go through a Barter System and exchange whatever garments they have at hand to get the materials they need in creating the most inspiring evening wear for their model. Interesting highlights of this game was the identity of the model. At the start of the game, the organisers reveal the model and they are none other than the Head of Departments (HODs) leading each team.


Project Runway Contest - ClarkProject Runway Contest - Manila

The department heads on the game ‘Project Runway’


After the games, points were finalised. For the Clark team, Orange Team led by Gina Libadia and Luisa Dometita emerged as the Champion followed by the Lime Team (Second Place) led by Coreen Atencio; while the Violet team led by Lawrence Guiao took the third place. For the Manila Team, the Violet team led by Vic Ovejas won the Championship.

Congratulations to all participants, committee, and organisers for a successful team building event. Well done team. Till the next!


TOA Clark & Manila


Watch the video highlights above. 


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