Is the Philippines Cloud Ready?

Cloud technology has open up a lot of market opportunities today. It is transforming a lot of businesses to become streamlined, while keeping it cost efficient in the process. Having a cloud computing strategy is important as the world is slowly embracing this powerful technology.

The global community has always trusted doing their business in the Philippines even though some only communicate and do transactions through the internet. The cloud has enabled the Philippines to engage real-time with clients across the globe. But how cloud ready is the country?

The Philippines proved to be a dedicated improver­ as it moves two notches to land in 10th place in the latest Cloud Readiness Index of Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), a non-profit organization that champions the use of the technology, seeking to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the Asia Pacific. According to the study, the country is one of the leading Asia Pacific countries in terms of freedom of information access and it owes its progress to its strategic focus on developing strong cloud-friendly industries such as business process outsourcing (BPO).

“BPOs played a big part in this improvement, as cloud use is essential to accelerate the industry and give it an even higher competitive edge,” said ACCA chairman Bernie Trudel.

Legislators have begun drafting Implementation Rules and Regulations (IIR) around the 2012 Data Privacy Act, the policy of the State to protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is likely to benefit from this clarity in rules.

The said index is divided into three groups of countries: the ever-ready leaders (Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea), the dedicated improvers (Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines), and the steady developing countries (China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam). The opportunities for the leader countries are the rewards of innovation, while the dedicated improver countries and steady developing economies have an opportunity to catch up with their peers in the region, by learning and leapfrogging from the regulatory experience of the cloud-ready leader countries.

To accelerate the use of cloud computing, ACCA believes that investment in high-speed connectivity is the most urgent requirement for the Philippines today. This is why the government is currently working on providing free public WiFi all over the country starting this year using the Priority Development Assistance Fund.

It is important to take advantage of every opportunity that technology brings us in order to address the challenges of globalisation. Capitalising in cloud technology strengthens our ties with global business sectors and reinforces our performance in the industry.

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2014 Cloud Readiness Index by Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)