Stereotype Shattered: How We Address Offshoring Data Security Concerns

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Hearsay. Horror story. Whatever it may be. Long has there been an unfair stereotype that your data is unsafe when you offshore. This is because of a misguided fear. It is this fear that steers accounting firms away from offshoring. It is the fear that a client’s data may fall into the wrong hands. It is the fear that an accountant’s reputation may be destroyed because of a breach of security and privacy. Well, we’re here to shatter the offshoring data security stereotype!

Taking Great Strides

This digital age we live in has given rise to the internet of things and the advent of cloud technology that has made work and life easier for accounting firms. All data systems can now be synchronised and accessed readily from anywhere at anytime. With this higher degree of ease and comfort comes a higher degree of risk and opportunities for data breaches. We know this and we have made great strides to combat the impending danger.

We at The Outsourced Accountant have implemented multi-layered security protocols to guard against data breaches. Here’s a quick rundown of the veritable armour we’ve built around our operations to improve our offshoring data security.


  • Offshore team members undergo a thorough briefing and review of all our internet and physical security protocols so it is ingrained in each individual. We at The Outsourced Accountant pride ourselves in having team members with the highest levels of professionalism and moral standards. This is the reason why our clients can give their teams 100% trust and confidence.


  • All our offices maintain 24/7 security manpower and IT support. We have CCTV equipment strategically placed across all areas of our work sites. These video feeds are monitored constantly to ensure there are no security breaches. Our clients need not worry though because these feeds are not focused on computer screens so data privacy is upheld.


  • Our security personnel make rounds in all our production areas on a regular basis. And the only way these areas can be accessed is with a security swipe card which is unique for each individual team member or office support. So there is no chance for unauthorised access to any of our work sites.


  • As part of our security protocols, we have prohibited all mobile phones, video recording equipment, digital recorders or any gadget that can capture data. USB thumb drives and other digital storage devices are also prohibited. Security personnel are always on the lookout for these devices when on rounds or while on video monitoring. So transfer of data to digital storage devices is next to impossible.


  • Our IT support teams maintain an extremely tidy ship. All computer workstations are water tight in terms of the latest software and security updates. To add another layer of security, all cloud-based applications are integrated into a security software platform. Each team member can only access these applications using individual login credentials and only through our unique IP addresses. This ensures that client data cannot be accessed outside The Outsourced Accountant offices.


Frame of Mind


The highest degree possible. This is the level we want our security measures to always be at. Here at The Outsourced Accountant, we take security very seriously. Our clients are our lifeblood and thus we do all that we can to protect their interests and consequently their clients’ interests. We fully understand all the business repercussions and the legal ramifications of a data breach. This is not an eventuality that we want to be in so we take all the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

Likewise, we also tow a fine line between high-level security measures and the comfort levels of our team members. We want our team members to feel at ease while working with us. Thus, we make it a point to keep security protocols as non-intrusive as we possibly can. Our team members understand the importance of these measures because we maintain constant and open communications. We are proud of our team members and we want them to be proud of working with us.

Hundreds of accounting firms from around the world put their trust in us. They put their faith in us to help them build their offshore teams. They do this because they want to grow as a business. We too want to grow our business. So our clients’ growth is our growth. Each accounting firm we service wants to build a great reputation and live up to being their clients’ ‘trusted advisor’. We too want to build our reputation as the world’s most trusted offshore provider. This is why our clients’ well-being is of the utmost importance for us.

So if you’re on the fence about offshoring because of data security concerns. Don’t be. We have years of experience and hundreds of happy and satisfied clients to shatter that stereotype.

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