Here’s How HubSpot Structures Its Marketing Team

Cambridge-based HubSpot is a software company best known for Inbound Marketing. Coined by its very own CEO and co-founder Brian Halligan, Inbound Marketing involves the creation of blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, e-newsletters, whitepapers, search engine optimisation (SEO), physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing to promote a company. According to the team, inbound marketing is more focused on customers than marketers, unlike traditional or “outbound marketing.”

Moreover, HubSpot evangelizes Inbound Marketing through its own marketing. Chief Marketing Officer Kipp Bodnar sets HubSpot’s inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness and demand for inbound marketing globally. But there’s another kind of marketing that this company fervently promotes.

Ever wonder how HubSpot structures its marketing team? In its presentation entitled “Agile for Marketing,” HubSpot shows that instead of forming its team by function, it organizes its marketing team following the sales funnel. The Marketing board is composed of teams assigned for each stage of the sales pipeline. Each team is then further divided between Team Assets and Team Metrics. This means it focuses on the activities, not the performances, of the team.

How HubSpot Structures Its Marketing Team

How HubSpot Structures Its Marketing Team

It counters the common practice of attributing performance to the results measured i.e. annual goals. Instead, performance reporting and analysis is done at a level above the execution of these tasks.  For example, working on smaller monthly goals instead of focusing on the company’s big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs). This makes it easier to prove the return on marketing effort. Those results can then inform choices for prioritization of tasks in the planning for future sprints — do more of the things that work, less of the things that don’t.

Employing Agile Methodology has helped companies like HubSpot see the bigger picture in marketing. Agile Methodology allows the modern marketing team to adapt to the fast-changing market condition, respond to immediate sales needs, and prove return of investment (ROI) quickly and consistently. Using a process like Agile can deliver stellar benefits like increased focus, transparency, predictability, and prioritization. As a result, these benefits add up to smart, fast, and flexible marketing – just what the future of marketing is ought to be.

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