Employee Highlight: Supercharge Your Firm Productivity Through Outsourcing Accounting

There is one crucial element in improving productivity that involves tapping into the expertise of other people: delegation.

As an organisation grows, the tasks and responsibilities of various team members may become less defined. Without proper planning and delegation, your company’s growth may suffer. That’s why it’s important to harness the skills and experience of other professionals via outsourcing.

Running a business can become daunting especially when the tasks pile up. It can get overwhelming and when things are not handled well, productivity may suffer. Some business owners may get too busy taking care of things on their own, thinking they have to be on top of everything. While it’s okay to be aware of every single detail about one’s business, the unwillingness to delegate may send the wrong message and make your team feel alienated.

Delegating tasks is one way of showing your team that you trust their skills. Ultimately, this will help you deliver output more efficiently. You can take on new challenges and create more opportunities not just for you but the entire team as well.

Here at The Outsourced Accountant, we employ highly skilled professionals who can take care of your business needs from bookkeeping, accounting to providing guest support. Through the dedication and hard work of our excellent staff, we are able to add value to our clients’ businesses.

How do we help firms achieve growth and success?

Our trusted colleagues are dedicated and hard-working professionals who not only enjoy their jobs but; they also love going the extra mile to add value to their respective clients. Meet some of them.

Joyce Pajarito, Certified Public Accountant



“I am a proud accountant and I can account for my role.”


Joyce is a senior accountant with 10 years of professional experience. She’s been with the company for 1 year now. With her skills and expertise, she helps accounting and finance firms grow fast.

She saves her client’s time by taking on process-driven tasks so they can redirect their focus and energy on things that will add value to their respective clients. In addition, by letting her take care of various tasks, the firms can become more client-facing and have more time to forge better relationships with their own clients.

Joyce works at the background, where she dutifully takes care of the presentation of assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses. Her role also allows her to be responsible for vital processes like maintaining and balancing subsidiary accounts, payroll processing, financial status summaries, and external audit among others.

More importantly, she ensures that her client’s’ resources are efficiently utilised for improved productivity and growth.

Merry Linly Gulle, Offshore Virtual Assistant



“I am here to free up your time so you can focus more on your business.”


Already with the The Outsourced Accountant for 3 years now, Merry is an administration team leader and she clearly makes her client’s’ lives easy because she takes care of a wide variety of tasks from managing calendars, email, setting up and taking minutes of meetings, providing guest support, and even making travel arrangements. She also goes the extra mile by helping select gifts for her client’s’ loved ones.

Highly skilled and proven efficient in what she does, Merry can prepare reports and presentations. She can also manage websites as well as social media accounts.

The role she has is definitely a crucial one as these are critical for any business. With her taking care of these, her clients now have more time to do the tasks they actually enjoy doing. Consequently, they are able to provide high level value for their respective clients.

Having an offshore team is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. By doing so, you won’t be bogged down with time-consuming tasks that you would rather have someone else do again. You will also be able to effectively manage your meetings and be on top of all paperworks.

You will get more done without spending more time at the office.

Recognising the need for outsourcing accounting tasks will help you get a step closer to success. To become the firm of the future, you need to be more strategic in your business decisions and that begins with tapping the talents, skills, and positive attitude of an offshore team, like the one we have here in the Philippines, you can keep up with the times and propel your company to success.

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